Month: June 2019

Consortium for Discharge of Financing – Finance Credit

Discharge of financings with Consciocio? The consortium is one of the alternatives for the financing of goods, some love the modality, others detest, experts differ in opinions whether it is good or bad, what matters is the consortium in recent months has gained breath and reached thousands of new Shareholders. As every financial product needs Read More

10 fatal consequences for not paying a credit

If you have encouraged yourself to have some type of financing, take into account the consequences you might face for not paying a loan. 10 fatal consequences for not paying a loan Personal loans are an alternative to face the lack of liquidity, but it also implies assuming a certain degree of responsibilities that, if Read More

Performance of Financial Investments since 10 Years – General Finance

The essential Sustainable decline in the performance of savings booklets; Real estate as investment: not so powerful; Triumph of actions over the long term. The French are the European champions of savings, indeed 87% of the French put money aside, against 81% for Spaniards and 75% for the English. However, the French are also the Read More