Agrogeneration: State of the 2022 early harvests – Postponement of the publication of the interim results until November 30, 2022 – Release of the Group’s agricultural land from temporary occupation

Paris, September 16e2022

AgroGeneration, a grain and oilseed producer based in Ukraine, provides an update on the company’s current operational performance and provides an overview of the impacts of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine launched on February 24, 2022.

Preliminary results of the early harvest

The large-scale war in Ukraine has made the 2022 cultivation and harvesting campaign in the country extremely difficult, especially in areas where military activities have continued since the very beginning of the Russian invasion. In the Kharkiv region, where all the production lands and assets of AgroGeneration are located, the early harvest campaign took place with the following irregularities:

  • The crop growth period has been affected by a limited ability to perform all necessary field work on time and in all required volumes on the back of continued military activities.
  • Not all agricultural land has been harvested due to the huge amount of remnants of military equipment, unexploded ordnance, mines and missiles found in the fields to be harvested.
  • Periodic fires in the fields, caused by bombardments, further limited the execution of necessary operations and affected production performance.
  • Harvesting in the region took place only after the appropriate permission from the military administration of the region on the possibility of harvesting each field.
  • Production workers were forced to go to the fields with hard hats and bulletproof vests to mitigate the risk to life safety.
  • Additionally, weather issues during ripening and harvesting also affected the quantity and quality of the crop collected.

The Group harvested approximately 15.9k hectares of winter wheat in July-mid-August 2022. The harvested area was in line with the revised spring production plan (due to temporary occupation and military activities as indicated in the previous press releases published by the Company), which was 43% lower than 2021. In addition, the yield obtained in winter wheat decreased by 23% year-on-year and stood at around 3.0 tonnes/ha ( against 3.9 tonnes/ha in 2021). The decline in wheat yield was mainly attributed to (1) climatic problems (drought during the last phase of crop vegetation followed by intense rains during harvest) and war-related problems, specifically (2) logistical constraints followed by the inability to physically supply the Group’s farms with the necessary quantity of fertilizers, the under-application of nitrogen fertilizers took place mainly in the farms in the south of the Group, where military activities continue regularly; and (3) damaged fields, where harvesting was impossible due to the presence of remnants of military equipment and unexploded ordnance. In total, AgroGeneration collected around 47,000 tonnes of wheat (57% below 2021), of which more than 20% presented in milling wheat (vs around 50% in 2021). Wheat quality has deteriorated due to a long harvest campaign and under-application of nitrogen fertilizers.

AgroGeneration. First estimates of agricultural production (as of 1 Septemberst2022):

Crop 2021 2022E
Hectares harvested Net production, tons Net yield, tonnes/ha Hectares harvested Net production, tons Net yield, tonnes/ha
Wheat 27,911 108,282 3.9 15,858 46,857 3.0
TOTAL 27,911 108,282 3.9 15,858 46,857 3.0


Given the three-month delay in the publication of the Group’s 2021 annual results, caused by the continuation of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022, AgroGeneration will not be able to publish the Group’s 2022 half-year accounts. within the mandatory deadlines (end of October). The Company will make its best efforts to publish its half-year accounts by the end of November 2022, one month behind the required deadlines.

Liberation of the Group’s farmland from temporary occupation

Thanks to the active counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kharkiv region in September, the agricultural lands of AgroGeneration which had been occupied by Russian troops since the very beginning of the war, located in the regions of Burluk and Balakliya, were been released. However, as of the date of this press release, the management had no precise information on the state of these lands, because their access was restricted by the Ukrainian military authorities due to the need to verify that there was no no Russian mines. In addition, the liberated areas continue to be subject to daily rocket and artillery attacks from the territory of the Russian Federation because they are located near the border. The group will keep the market informed of any significant new developments in its business.

Employees – losses of the AgroGeneration team

The main priority of the Group today, in the midst of war, is the safety of its men. As previously reported, more than 50% of the company’s staff left their homes and became temporarily internally displaced or fled Ukraine. In addition, there are those who continue to work both on the agricultural front line (in the fields) and on the military front line (in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense) to ensure the stability of the Ukraine and society. Unfortunately, the Group faced the following irreparable losses within its team in August 2022:

  • An accident occurred on one of AgroGeneration’s farms: while plowing the field, a tractor driven by the machine operator hit an unknown explosive device. After the explosion, the machine operator received shrapnel in the head and chest, was electrocuted by shells and became partially blind. The tractor was badly damaged.
  • As a result of the artillery shelling of Russian troops on Ukrainian positions in the Donetsk region, one of the specialists from the headquarters of AgroGeneration, who had been in the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the very beginning of the war, disappeared. As of the date of this publication, his fate was unknown.

A special solidarity fund intended to support Group employees affected by the war (wounded, missing, killed, whose accommodation was destroyed, etc.) was created. Anyone wishing to financially support the war victims mentioned above can join the fundraiser by visiting the following page on the Society’s institutional website:


Founded in 2007, AgroGeneration is a major grain and oilseed producer. The main activity of the company is grain and oilseed agriculture, operating almost 60,000 hectares of high-quality agricultural land in eastern Ukraine.

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