AIPAC’s aggressive spending is bad for the Democratic Party and democracy itself

This all seems, in fact, to be part of AIPAC’s problem with Levin. Like me and so many of our fellow Jewish Americans, Levin is compelled by his sincere commitment to Israel’s future and Jewish social justice values ​​to support Palestinian human rights and speak out against government policies. Israelis who deepen the occupation and promote the annexation of the West Bank.

In the current Congress, Levin introduced the “Two-State Solution Act,” a bill that proposes meaningful U.S. action to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace, stave off settlement expansion, and end 55 years of occupation. Among other measures, the bill would put in place clear safeguards to ensure that US aid to Israel is used only for its legitimate security needs and not to further the occupation in violation of international law – a provision common sense that has become increasingly popular with pro-Israel people. , pro-peace Democrats.

Yet, for AIPAC, no meaningful pushback against Israeli policy is ever acceptable. While he publicly defames Levin as “anti-Israel,” the truth is that what he finds truly threatening is his willingness, as an American Jew who cares deeply about Israel, to oppose occupation and right-wing Israeli politics – because it sets a “bad example” for other democrats. David Victor, the former AIPAC president who spearheaded the anti-Levin crusade, wrote to potential donors: “To make matters worse, Andy sincerely claims to be a lifelong Zionist, proud Jew and defender of Israel. So when Andy Levin insists he’s pro-Israel, less committed Democratic colleagues can take his word for it.

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