Armenians polluted internal rivers of Azerbaijan during occupation – director of hydrometeorological research center

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 6

By Chingiz Safarli – Trend:

The Armenians waged an ecological terror not only with regard to cross-border rivers, but also polluted the internal rivers of Azerbaijan during about 30 years of occupation, director of the Hydrometeorological Research Center of the National Hydrometeorological Service of the Ministry of L Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Rafig Verdiyev told Trend.

According to Verdiyev, monitoring is carried out regularly in order to control the quality of surface water in the country.

“The samples taken from the rivers are analyzed in the laboratory. Currently, there are no significant changes in our rivers compared to previous years. The situation varies with the seasons. For example, if in summer, due to lack of water, the impact of the waste discharged into the river is great, during periods of high water these effects diminish, ”said Verdiyev.

The director of the Center also referred to the restoration of the surveillance system in the territories freed from occupation, stressing that the situation on cross-border rivers is constantly checked.

“Our rivers, which flow through the territory of Armenia, are the most sensitive to pollution. The concentration of toxic waste in these rivers is higher. We have also seen data from Armenian sources. Various reports point out that the rivers are so sensitive to pollution from waste from factories in Armenian territory that they are already unsuitable for irrigation. This is an extremely difficult case.

The high concentration of toxic elements in water constitutes a serious danger to human health. Azerbaijan is taking measures to prevent these actions by Armenia. This question is taken up in international reports and addressed in various water-related projects. Currently, some international organizations are implementing projects to improve water quality in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Armenia is also obliged to guarantee the quality of the water. I think these projects may somehow affect the existing problem, ”Verdiyev said.

He added that the water quality of the rivers that flow through the industrial and mining regions of Armenia is very low.

“During the monitoring, we find that the level of pollution of local rivers in the liberated territories is above the norm. This, of course, is associated with the inefficient use of natural resources for many years and the dumping of harmful substances and waste into rivers. I think that over time we will be able to get the rivers back to the pre-occupation state and ensure their compliance with the necessary standards, ”added Verdiyev.

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