Bayelsa LG bosses and advisers will receive severance pay

The Bayelsa State government has said elected local government council chairpersons and councilors currently serving in the state will receive their severance packages at the end of their terms in August 2022.

Deputy Governor Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo said this when the chairpersons, commissioners and permanent secretary of the Local Government Services Commission visited him at Government House, Yenagoa.

He noted that it was the first time in local government history in the state that elected presidents and councilors would receive their full severance packages at the end of their three-year terms.

Ewhrudjakpo said that as part of council oversight functions, the state government through his office has assisted the eight local government councils since their inception to save funds to ensure transparent payment of severance pay.

He said none of the councils would back down with a deficit balance, due to the fiscal prudence model introduced by the prosperity administration to manage council funds.

Ewhrudjakpo said, “The decisions we made, especially regarding the financial prudence of local government councils, for which we were initially vilified and crucified, are now bearing fruit.

“Today we are canonized that we did the right thing. Right now we are settling severance for the first time, and no local government has a deficit.

“In fact, the South Ijaw local government, for example, has over 200 million naira in its savings; while Yenagoa has over N100 million in savings to hand over. Kolokuma/Opokuma has about 70 million naira. All local governments have money in their savings to hand over.

“So instead of inheriting the deficits, the next administration that comes into local governments will inherit the funds to start with. And for the first time, the state government is going to the different local government areas to start commissioning projects carried out by local governments.

Responding to some of the issues raised by the LGSC Chairman, the Deputy Governor said that it was absolutely imperative that the commission proceed with general transfers of senior staff from inter-local government to improve the unified service of local government. .

He commended the commission for carrying out the recent senior management promotion exercise and urged them to take appropriate measures to curb the high level of work absenteeism among local government council staff.

Ewhrudjakpo also tasked them with implementing special periodic programs at the local government level, which aim to train staff on good work ethics, financial management and public service procurement.

On their request for official vehicles for the LGSC President and Commissioners, as well as the approval of a retreat, he assured them that he would provide Governor Douye Diri as soon as they send in their written proposal and budget.

Speaking earlier, LGSC President Lambert Ototo explained that the visit was to brief the Deputy Governor on their accomplishments and needs, including official vehicles and approval of a five-day retreat. .

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