“Being torn between taking care of their children and their job” | Parents unhappy with KCS decision to cancel school at the last minute

After Knox County schools made the decision to cancel classes late Sunday night, many parents rushed for childcare hours.

KNOX COUNTY, Tennessee – The decision to cancel school on Monday gave teachers and parents about 12 hours to come up with a Plan B.

“Well, getting the notification last night at 6:30 am that the school would be closed today was a surprise to me,” said Eric Moore, a parent at KCS.

The district had several days to prepare if it wanted to cancel the school.

“It was really hard to perform so close to the end of the weekend and the start of the next one,” said Brian Francis, another KCS parent.

This decision to drop out of school was not only a surprise, but a parent wishes they could get more clarity.

“Either give us more information or explain why you had to wait until the last minute to make this decision,” Francis said.

Their concern stems from the fact that they find themselves in the difficult position of parents who lack child care or options.

“Being torn between looking after their kids and their jobs is a tough place to manage,” Moore said.

“We don’t have any family in the immediate area. So we really don’t have anyone who can, on a whim, come and help with childcare,” Francis said.

Eric Moore says the school system must be prepared and not leave parents in dire straits.

“They should have been a little more proactive which could have given people more alert, or better yet, they would have anticipated this eventuality a long time ago,” he said.

Now these dads are looking for transparency and are reintegrating their students into the classroom.

“I wish they were more direct with what they need to prepare for, you know the correspondence with us was, they needed time to prepare for this order,” Francis said.

Again, the superintendent’s note to parents indicated that the district needed to give administrators and staff more time to comply with the court order.


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