Charting a new course

DO NOT Too long ago, actor Ernest Loh was busy pursuing a different career. After graduation, he made a strong impression as an interior designer, creating sophisticated concepts for interior spaces. From serving top clients to winning design competitions, he was making a name for himself in the business.

Despite his success, Ernest was thirsty for alternative platforms to further develop his creativity and talents. This led him to rediscover his passion for the theater.

“I had always fantasized about action movies as a kid, watching things explode and how cool it was,” said Ernest, who embarked on his acting adventure in 2017. .

“But when you’re a kid, you don’t know what that entails.”

Ernest says he lived times of transition were always clouded by uncertainty.

“And for me, it was really scary. Because there is no direct way to become an actor.

“You have to figure out for yourself what you need to do on a daily basis to become a better actor. “

But he seems to have everything on track, given his recent accomplishments and plans.

What are the highlights of your acting career?

One of them would play a lead role in a short film. I also participated in the post-production of the film, which was submitted to Short and Sweet Malaysia, a film festival. And he won two awards, one of which was for best actor, which was me. It was then that I enrolled for the first time in theater school. Winning this was validation for the whole team and myself. It was pretty cool.

And the first thing I thought about was I could finally tell my mom that I’m an actor. I have a cool little trophy to show for that, which is a little validation that you sometimes need in life to keep you going when you start a new business.

Who is the best character you have played on screen?

The best so far was for an AirAsia commercial. I played a character from “Ah Beng”, and that was my second commercial. I remember wanting to bring my A-game, thinking I had to make a Hollywood effort. So, a week before the shoot, I continued to train in front of my office.

When I got on set I was ready to play the character and wasn’t overwhelmed by any pressure unlike other times when I got anxious, especially in new environments. It was fun!

Which actors do you admire?

I love Ryan Reynolds for his acting skills and the way he runs his marketing company – he creates his own ads for his projects.

I also love Kevin Hart for the roles he plays, and his work ethic, which he puts into so many projects. Others include Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Killian Murphy, and Matthew McConaughey. If I was to pursue a career, I want it to be like theirs.

Was it difficult to work as an actor during the pandemic?

Yes, it is hard. But thank goodness I have some savings in store. I maintain my sanity by working on various things. I was doing a lot of TikTok videos, painting and training. When you do things like this, your brain stays focused. When you’re preoccupied, you don’t have time to think negative thoughts. So the content I posted during the pandemic was fun.

Where do you see your career in five years?

I would like to have the ability to be able to control the scripts and projects that come my way. I would also like to write and produce projects. In terms of working on social media, I would like a small content team to work with me to produce videos and short clips. And finally, more work as a TV presenter, especially in the adventure travel segment.

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