Clear Lake Recruiter Fills Employment Gaps in Northern Iowa | Mason City and Northern Iowa

Kaylee ScheurmannGlobe Gazette

Since January 2019, Avance USA in Clear Lake has recruited approximately 150 employees between Iowa, Illinois and North Carolina. Of the places occupied in Iowa, many were in north-central Iowa.

Before starting her business, founder and president Jennifer Andrade worked as an economic developer. While in this position, she realized that the region’s unemployment rate had reached record highs and local employers were losing confidence in recruiting.

Andrade was confident in his abilities to market the region and boost the local workforce. So she founded Avance USA, a full-service national recruiting and relocation company.

Avance aims to recruit and retain employees in the region, focusing solely on staffing permanent full-time jobs. Many candidates the company works with are from Puerto Rico.

“I knew there were people out there who were looking for opportunities and really for the American dream,” Andrade said. … “Some people don’t believe it exists anymore, but it does for someone who is willing to take a chance and wants to work hard to build a new life for himself and his family.”

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Andrade is well aware of the cultural differences between Iowa and Puerto Rico, which is why her company helps clients through the employment and relocation process.

In his recruiting pitches, Andrade touts the advantages of North Central Iowa, including “having an excellent public education, a lower cost of living than big cities, lower crime rates, and plenty of job opportunities. ‘use”.

Avance USA facilitates the selections required by employers and assists with the application and interview process. Most of the Andrade team is bilingual to facilitate translation.

Once a job offer is accepted, Avance USA begins the relocation process, including finding and assisting with housing, transportation, and education.

Andrade said Avance USA strives to deliver “new life in 30 days,” which is about the length of the relocation period after accepting a job.

“When you can give people a good experience, they come, they love their job, they love their community, they see they have a better life here than the one they left behind, and they’re going to share that.” , Andrade said. , noting that one family referred six new families in the area via Avance USA.

Avance USA is under contract with 12 North Central Iowa companies to help fill vacancies. The company has brought more than 85 people to Iowa in the past 18 months. Andrade noted that some of these families bought homes in the area and expanded their families.

“Community support has really been key to being able to move so many people to the area and helping them feel welcome,” Andrade said.

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