Conscientiously detailing Donald Trump’s dereliction of duty

Donald Trump apparently didn’t read the fine print in the presidential job description.

He apparently didn’t even read the regular print.

The responsibilities of the President of the United States are quite well defined and in large print in the Constitution.

Of particular interest to members of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Uprising is Article 2, Section 3, which outlines the duties of the President.

It’s not a very long list, surprisingly, and very easy to read. It includes a requirement that the President “will see that the Laws are faithfully executed”.

At the hearing scheduled for Thursday, committee members are expected to detail how Trump failed to perform those duties on Jan. 6.

“He had a duty to act” but did not do so

“It’s going to be a huge eye opener for people,” said Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a committee member.

If only it was true.

Another committee member, Democratic Rep. Elaine Lauria, said, “The Commander-in-Chief is the only person in the Constitution whose duty is explicitly stated to ensure that the laws are faithfully carried out. I consider this a dereliction of duty. (Trump) did not act. He had a duty to act.

You could say there’s a lot of negligence going around.

Kinzinger, for example, has been the subject of vicious threats and mockery since agreeing to serve on the committee.

At the last hearing, he aired some of the most nasty messages he’s received, many of which are not just suggestions of violence, but promises.

And they didn’t just come to his office, but to his home.

In one message, the caller says, “We know where your family is, and we’re gonna get you, you little prick.”

Another said, “Go get your wife, go get your children.”

Threats Recognized, Threats Ignored

A letter arrived, addressed to Kinzinger’s wife, saying Kinzinger “will be executed” and that his wife and child “will also join Adam in hell!”

In addition to Trump’s continued behavior, the leadership of the Republican Party is proving what dereliction of duty is all about.

It was highlighted how Republican leaders in the House and Senate made very public and repeated pleas for protection when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was threatened.

They called for increased security around the homes of judges who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade after protesters showed up on the street.

But none of those same top Republicans have called for the protection of Kinzinger or his family.

None went on television to condemn the threats. None of them tweeted the need to respect congressional process and even praised Kinzinger for honoring his oath.

Dereliction of duty against … duty

Instead, Kinzinger and fellow Republican Liz Cheney are constantly berated by members of their own party for daring to pursue the truth about Dear Leader.

And because Republican leaders have abandoned them, it emboldens the crazies who reach out to Kinzinger every day with threats to “get” him and his family.

Meanwhile, Kinzinger, Cheney and the rest of the committee continue their work.

Thursday will discuss all the opportunities Trump had to quell the January 6 violence and all the ways he failed to do so.

Execute Laws Faithfully

“We’re going to go pretty much minute by minute through that time, from when he left the stage at the Ellipse, came back to the White House, and really sat down in the White House, in the hall at eat, with his advisers urging him to continually ask him to act, to act more,” Rep. Luria said.

And yet Trump didn’t, ignoring that part of the Constitution that required him to “see that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Despite this, Trump is not ridiculed by Republicans. Instead, he is adored, while Kinzinger is threatened, making the committee itself an extremely sad and contrasting study.

Surrender against devotion.

Dishonor against honour.

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