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Shimla: The Tibetan Central Administration (CTA) released an official document titled “Tibet: 70 Years of Occupation and Oppression” in response to the white paper released by the Chinese government in May.
Speaking to the media in Dharamshala on Thursday, CTA Chairman Penpa Tsering said: “Having taken into account the varying degrees of repression in Tibet, which is always followed by a series of demands and counterclaims. The Chinese government is committed to accepting the mutually beneficial intermediate approach proposed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and endorsed by the Tibetan people as the only viable solution for a lasting resolution of the Sino-Tibetan conflict.
Sikyong said that the official 96-page response released by CTA comprehensively highlights factual chronological events thwarting China’s account of Tibet regarding its historical status. “These are not 70 years of liberation, but 70 years of repression and oppression,” he said.
He added that the so-called “peaceful liberation of Tibet” as claimed by China is just a cover-up to advance Chinese communist ideology. The official response details the facts of the historic 17-point agreement and its successive violations by the Chinese counterpart. He explains in detail the various aspects of the party’s domination over the Tibetan people to strengthen their dependence on them. It focuses on violations of the rights of Tibetans through intensive measures such as mass surveillance in the name of national security and the marginalization of the Tibetan language in schools to destroy the fundamental identity of Tibetans.
“The educational policy implemented by China over the past 70 years is only aimed at destroying the Tibetan language and therefore the Tibetan identity,” Sikyong added.

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