Cybin Announces Appointment of Dr Amir Inamdar as Medical Director of European Operations and Dr Geoff Varty as Director of Research and Development

TORONTO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (US NYSE: CYBN) (“Cybine“or the”Society“), a biotechnology company focused on advancing psychedelic therapies, is pleased to announce: the promotion of Lori Challenger to the position of Chief Compliance Officer, Ethics and Administration, and the promotion of Robert Mino as General Counsel Cybin is also announcing today his engagement with ROK Consulting, Inc., a leading capital markets communications company.

Dr Amir Inamdar is a trained psychiatrist and pharmaceutical physician with over 20 years of clinical and drug development experience, covering both the early and late stages. He has advanced numerous drugs, from preclinical development to early phase clinical trials, by designing and successfully performing proof of concept studies and leading teams to market authorization applications. Working in multiple indications in psychiatry, including schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, treatment-resistant mental illnesses and substance use disorders, Dr. Inamdar has led multidisciplinary teams, providing strategic direction and clinical and scientific leadership.

Dr Inamdar is the recipient of several research and development awards for his work in clinical drug development. He previously worked at GlaxoSmithKline, where he developed a network of excellence in psychiatry and provided medical leadership to enable the development of drug candidates, from screening to proof of concept testing in various central nervous system indications.

While at Takeda, Dr Inamdar was a key member of a team that successfully obtained marketing authorization for an antipsychotic in Europe, advanced small molecules from candidate selection to first studies in humans and has led clinical teams in the treatment of resistant depression, narcolepsy, and anxiety.

Dr Inamdar joins Cybin from AstraZeneca, where he led a global program in Substance Use Disorders, successfully transitioning a small molecule from a preclinical active to a first clinical trial in humans and received a multi-million dollar grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse for a project on substance use disorders.

Dr Inamdar completed his medical and specialist training in Psychiatry in India and was a resident in Nephrology and Coronary Care before moving to the UK, where he continued his training as a Pharmaceutical Physician and gained membership in the Faculty of pharmaceutical medicine.

Dr Geoff Varty is a highly experienced neuroscientist and drug discoverer with a proven track record in the progression of new molecular entities into clinical trials and ultimately to the patient. Dr Varty received his BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Manchester in the UK and a PhD. in neuropsychopharmacology at the University of Hertfordshire, where his research has focused on the development of behavioral models for psychosis and cognition, and on preclinical testing of new compounds. After postdoctoral research, Dr Varty began a career of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with scientific leadership and managerial positions in research and development at Schering Plow, Sanofi and Merck.

While at these companies, Dr. Varty led in vivo research in several areas related to the central nervous system, including pain, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Working with internal cross-functional teams, Dr. Varty has contributed to the clinical trials of several compounds, including adenosine A2A receptor antagonists, BACE inhibitors, metabotropic glutamate receptor modulators, and glutamate receptor antagonists. neurokinin NK1. One of these NK1 antagonists, SCH 619734 (rolapitant), has been shown to be effective in clinical trials and is approved and marketed as VARUBI for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. During his time at Merck, Dr. Varty also managed the outsourcing of in-vivo studies for major therapeutic areas, in collaboration with selected contract research organizations, both domestically and around the world. Dr Varty has published his research in over 130 journal articles and abstracts.

The company is also pleased to announce the promotion of Lori Challenger to the position of Chief Compliance Officer, Ethics and Administration and the promotion of Robert Mino to the position of General Counsel.

Cybin is also pleased to announce that it has retained the services of ROK Consulting Inc. (“Republic of Korea»), A leading investor communication and public relations company, to play a key role in helping the Company improve its market knowledge, its communication strategy and its engagement with the main players in the financial and institutional market.

ROK has agreed to comply with all applicable securities laws and the policies of all applicable stock exchanges in providing services to the Company. Under the terms of the ROK Commitment, which is for an initial period of three months, ROK will be paid US $ 500,000 per month (excluding applicable taxes) and will be granted options to acquire up to 500,000 common shares in the capital of the Company (the “Ordinary actions”) Exercisable at a price of CA $ 2.78 per share until December 31, 2022.

About Cybin

Cybin is a leading biotechnology company focused on advancing psychedelic therapies using proprietary drug discovery platforms, innovative drug delivery systems, novel formulation approaches and treatment regimens for psychiatric disorders.

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Cybin makes no medical, therapeutic or health claims regarding the products offered by Cybin. The United States Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, or other similar regulatory authorities have not evaluated claims regarding psilocybin, psychedelic tryptamine, tryptamine derivatives, or other psychedelic compounds or nutraceuticals. The effectiveness of these products has not been confirmed by approved research. There can be no assurance that the use of psilocybin, psychedelic tryptamine, tryptamine derivatives or other psychedelic or nutraceutical compounds will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Vigorous scientific research and clinical trials are needed. Cybin has not conducted clinical trials for the use of its offered products. Any reference to the quality, consistency, efficacy and safety of potential products does not imply that Cybin has verified them in clinical trials or that Cybin will complete such trials. If Cybin cannot obtain the necessary approvals or research to market its business, it could have a material adverse effect on Cybin’s performance and operations.

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