Each character’s occupation in the final timeline, explained

Tokyo avengers Chapter 278 is the final chapter of the series and it lists the occupations of the entire cast in the reset timeline. While many maintain their line of work from Bonten’s timeline, others venture into new territory.

The series ending has become one of the most controversial manga endings, with many readers outright despising Wakui’s treatment of his characters. On the other hand, seeing their favorite characters live and thrive in this new timeline has brought solace to a huge number of fans, and they’re just as thrilled to know which character chose which profession.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278.

A complete list of every main character’s profession in the final timeline as seen in Tokyo avengers chapter 278

Many characters retain their occupation of the Bonten timeline (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Tokyo avengers Chapter 278 reveals that Mikey is now a professional cyclist and has given his managers permission to come to Takemichi’s wedding. Draken comments that his sponsors are fed up with his antics. Draken is married to housewife Emma, ​​and they may be expecting a child. Shinichiro still runs his bike shop, SS Motors, where Inupi also works as an assistant.

Draken is impersonated by Shinichiro (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)
Draken is impersonated by Shinichiro (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Kokonoi is the vice president of a multi-million yen company called TK&KO, with Kisaki as chairman. Hanma is a traveling photographer. Izana and Kakucho run Tenjiku, a nonprofit organization for homeless and orphaned children, where Mochizuki, Madarame, and Muto regularly volunteer. The organization relies heavily on large donations from Kisaki and Koko.

Benkei and Wakasa run a boxing gym together, while the Haitani brothers own a club. Senju and Haruchiyo Akashi have become famous YouTubers and they seem to have reconciled with their older brother, Takeomi. Taiju Shiba owns a chain of restaurants. Her younger brother, Hakkai, is a model, and their sister Yuzuha is her manager. Mitsuya and Atsushi remain fashion designer and hairstylist respectively. Makoto takes care of his family shrine while Yamagishi is a servant.

Most people keep their Bonten jobs (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)
Most people keep their Bonten jobs (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Pah-Chin and Peh-Yan are in the real estate business. The Kawata brothers have been running their ramen shop since Bonten chronology. Naoto Tachibana has become a journalist and sports a relatively unkempt appearance. Finally, Chifuyu still runs his pet shop and employs Baji and Kazutora there. Tokyo avengers chapter 278 states that the latter two are terrible employees, causing Chifuyu to work twice as hard.

Final Thoughts

#tr278 are you telling me that this hard to recognize guy is naoto tachibana?? wakui messed up my man for what 😭 https://t.co/YlEGrWZNfu

Tokyo avengers chapter 278 sees most of the characters fulfilling their dreams and working with the people they love. Some, like Mikey, finally got the chance to do what they always wanted in this new timeline. Others, like Chifuyu, seem to have redirected their aspirations to staying close to the important people in their lives. Now that he no longer needs to save his sister and was never warned by a time-jumping Takemichi, Naoto has ventured into journalism, which readers assume he wanted. do originally.

#tr278Since Izana runs an NPO called TENJIKU (also means heaven), I guess it’s the same one where Kaku, Mochi, Mucjo, and Shion volunteer for underprivileged orphans. It literally brings tears to my eyes. They ensure that these children do not experience what they have experienced. https://t.co/9GF9bEkquh

Many characters retain their occupations of the Bonten era, such as Mitsuya, Hakkai, Yuzuha, Pah-Chin and Inupi. Draken’s future in running Shinichiro’s shop has been transferred to its original owner as the latter is alive. Likewise, readers see characters like Haruchiyo, Hanma, and Kisaki exploring more creative and functional aspects of their talents now that they’re no longer involved in crime. Izana and Kakucho’s childhood dream of creating a place for people like them also seems to have come true.

Hinata and Takemichi’s workplaces are unclear in Tokyo avengers chapter 278 spoilers. Hopefully the official translation will clarify this point. while most readers are unhappy with the ending and feel like each character has been cheated out of their harrowing journeys, there’s no certain charm in watching these characters live their lives and achieve their dreams. As questionable as Wakui’s creative choices are from a critical standpoint, the end of Tokyo avengers has a strong emotional weight.

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