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With his iconic debut on the hit CW series Nancy Drew, Tom Swift brought his sass and style that made audiences want more dynamic character. The recent release of the new series Tom Swift will give fans a weekly dose of the sleek tech genius along with a few other titular characters.

The characters presented each have their own personality and secrets. Even with its short run so far, viewers are still able to get a sense of which characters they can relate to and which ones aren’t so likable.


ten Congressman Nathan Eskol

Image of Ward Horton as Nathan Eskol in Tom Swift at a banquet

The main antagonist of the series so far, Congressman Nathan Eskol poses as a friend of the Swift family, however, fans quickly realize that is far from the truth. Nathan’s charisma and friendliness are part of his job description, but he’s nothing but a manipulator.

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When it is revealed to viewers and Tom that Barton is alive, it is also revealed that the congressman had something to do with the Swift rocket sabotage. This realization takes away the appearance of a worried family friend, especially when he’s sneakily watching Tom and his friends.

9 Claire Cormier

Image of Brittany Ishibashi as Claire Cormier gazing into the distance at Tom Swift

Barton Swift’s right-hand man at Swift Enterprises, Claire Cormier is introduced as a friend of the Swift family. However, after Barton Swift is presumed dead and she takes over as interim CEO of Swift Enterprises, viewers begin to see her true colors.

Accomplice and manipulator, Claire is very good at hiding this side of her, at least from Lorraine and Barton. Her facade doesn’t fool Tom, however, it doesn’t deter her from her quest to take over Swift’s business, and if anything makes her that much more determined. She doesn’t hesitate to use immoral means to get what she wants and doesn’t let anyone get in her way. In a series that has the potential to be one of the best current TV shows on The CW, it will be interesting to see how far its manipulations go.

8 mountain ash

Image of Rowan looking solemnly at something in the Tom Swift series

Chief bodyguard to Congressman Nathan Eskol, Rowan is a mystery that enters the series. He is stoic and a man of few words, however, when he speaks he does so with conviction. Rowan makes no secret of where his loyalty lay early on, and viewers see his aggressive side when it comes to protecting the congressman.

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At one point, Rowan lets his guard down and protects Tom from a potentially dangerous situation. He opens up a bit to Tom, allowing another side of him to come through. Although this savior routine turned out to be a setup to get closer to Tom, viewers can still see Rowan falling in love with Tom.

seven Barton Swift

Image of Barton Swift disappointed with Tom in Tom Swift

Family patriarch, Barton Swift is a businessman who cares about his company’s legacy. He’s all about appearances and never misses an opportunity to tell Tom who he should be and what he’s doing wrong. The relationship between him and his son is strained at best, however, his disappearance gives viewers a different look at how Barton really feels about his son.

Due to Barton’s treatment of Tom, he can be seen as a TV dad who is also a villain. However, when he disappears, it is revealed that the only person he trusts to figure out what happened and find him is his son. He proves that he is very aware of Tom’s accomplishments and proud to have him as a son by entrusting his life to him. His push from Tom is his way of showing that he believes he can succeed and wants the best for his son.

6 Lorraine Swift

Image of Lorraine Swift looking angrily at someone off-screen in the Tom Swift series

Matriarch of the Swift family and mother of Tom and Lino, Lorraine Swift is her own wife and proves to be the strength of her family. After losing her husband, she must be strong not only for the sake of her children, but also to protect her and Barton’s company from the lurking vultures.

Lorraine is first and foremost a mother and wants the best for her two sons, especially Tom. With her husband gone, she hopes Tom will take on the role of CEO and is determined to make sure he lives up to his name. Her determination can feel overwhelming at times, but her love and care for her family makes up for that notion.

5 Lino Swift

Image of Lino Swift smiling slightly in Tom Swift

Tom’s younger adoptive brother, Lino Swift is a genius just like his older brother. He admires his older brother, however, he has his own story and his own life. Lino is a computer genius and a beast in the sport of fencing.

Even with all of his successes and accomplishments, Lino still struggles with the weight of his last name and how it affects everything he does. He chooses to remain respectable even when those around him think he is succeeding through nepotism. Although he admires his father and his brother, Lino needs to know where he comes from and his biological parents.

4 Isaac Vega

Promotional image of Isaac Vega from the Tom Swift series

Mysterious but super protective of those he loves, Isaac Vega is Tom Swift’s bodyguard. Although he’s tasked with making sure Tom is safe, Isaac is more like family to the Swift family, with many of them confiding in him about their issues.

Isaac’s unwavering loyalty and dedication to Tom and the Swift family is incredible to behold. His willingness to risk his life to get the information Tom needs to save his father is proof of that. Even with his loyalty and calm disposition, Isaac isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to protect those he loves and is willing to do so when he feels Rowan is untrustworthy.

3 Barclay

Promo image of the actor who voices Barclay in Tom Swift

The virtual AI sidekick every genius would want, Barclay is Tom Swift’s (virtual) best friend. He is the voice of reason and support for Tom’s scientific research and adventures.

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Although Barclay is an artificial intelligence, he is only loyal to Tom and Tom. He knows Tom like no one else and often helps him with his complicated love life which often involves funny commentary. Barclay doesn’t just help Tom and is considered part of the family.

2 Zenzi Fullington

Tom Swift 2022

A friend who isn’t afraid to be honest, Zenzi Fullington is Tom Swift’s best friend and goddaughter to Barton and Lorraine Swift. She is central to the business and to Tom’s journey, but she also has her own story.

Her strong-willed personality doesn’t hide her insecurities when it comes to romance and it leads her to make terrible choices in men. She’s optimistic and ready to see the best in people even when they show her the most horrible parts of themselves. She has Tom’s back no matter what, even when they have some of the biggest fights and disagreements between friends and always makes it her mission to be there for those she loves.

1 Tom Swift

Tom Swift enters the Claw at Nancy Drew

The main character of the series and himself unapologetically, Tom Swift is the eldest son of the billionaire Swift family and a tech genius like his father and grandfather before him. With the unexpected disappearance and presumed death of his father, Tom must become the head of the family.

Tom’s sarcasm and ego don’t negate the fact that he’s always looking for his father’s approval and love. Even though the relationship between the two is fraught with tension, Tom does everything in his power to locate his father when it is revealed he is alive. Tom’s vulnerability and his search for acceptance reveal a side very close to him.

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