Election 2021: Candidates for governor


These are the candidates for the post of governor, and their running mates for the post of lieutenant governor, for the general election of 2021.

Philippe murphy

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Governor

Home: Middletown

Age: 64

Murphy was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Newton and nearby Needham, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Harvard University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is married and the father of four children.

Prior to taking office in 2018, Murphy served as Ambassador to Germany for four years under the Obama administration. He spent 23 years at Goldman Sachs, retiring as a senior manager.

Murphy sits on the board of directors of the NAACP. He was the finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2006 to 2009. Last year he chaired the Association of Democratic Governors. In 2005, he was chosen to chair a working group on government employee benefits. In 2014 and 2015, as he prepared to run for governor, Murphy launched nonprofits to explore political issues and improve his public profile.

Among his major accomplishments during his first term, Murphy raised the minimum wage – currently from $ 12, to $ 15 in 2024. He expanded access to the vote. The governor has set a target of 100% clean energy use by 2050 through a new energy master plan. Murphy made community college tuition free for those with limited means. He has made significant investments to improve NJ Transit. He has also led the state through the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccinating about three-quarters of eligible people.

Lieutenant Governor: Sheila Y. Oliver

Elected with Murphy in 2017, is also Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs, was the first African-American woman to serve as Assembly Speaker, aged 69, lives in East Orange.

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Jack CiattarelliJack Ciattarelli

Party: Republican Party

Occupation: Candidate for governor

Home: Hillsborough

Age: 59

Ciattarelli was born in Somerville and raised in Raritan. He holds a BA in Accounting and an MA in Finance from Seton Hall University. He is married and the father of four children.

This is his second term as governor. Ciattarelli served six years in the Assembly, representing the 16e District which includes Princeton, Somerville and Flemington, relinquishing its seat in 2017 in an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for governor. While in the Legislative Assembly, Ciattarelli served on the committees of financial institutions and insurance and the regulated professions. He has been the main sponsor of 11 laws, dealing mainly with financial matters, insurers and the professions.

Prior to his legislative service, Ciattarelli was Somerset County Commissioner and Raritan Borough Councilor. He also started two businesses and worked as a certified public accountant.

Ciattarelli’s platform includes a proposal to reduce property taxes and implement various corporate and income tax cuts. He pledges to end the state’s so-called “sanctuary” policies for undocumented immigrants and to end police reports of the use of force unless a firearm is unloaded. . Ciattarelli would ban abortions after 20 weeks and support parental notification for minors seeking abortion. He supports the choice of vaccine and opposes the mask and vaccination mandates.

Lieutenant Governor: Diane allen

President of a media production company, former state senator of the 7the Burlington County District and former Assembly Member, former broadcast reporter, 73, lives in Edgewater Park.

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Madelyn HoffmanMadelyn R. Hoffman

Party: Green

Occupation: Associate professor of political science and public speaking

Home: Flanders

Age: 64

Hoffman was executive director of New Jersey Peace Action. She is a longtime environmental and social justice activist who has previously run for governor and for the United States Senate. Hoffman supports New Jersey’s adoption of a Green New Deal. It would implement social justice reforms such as reparations and ending youth incarceration. And Hoffman supports a tuition-free public college for New Jersey students.

Lieutenant Governor: Heather warburton

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Campaign website


Gregg Mele

Party: libertarian

Occupation: Lawyer

Home: Bridgewater

Age: 56

Mele ran for a seat in the US House of Representatives in 2018 and Bridgewater Town Hall in 2019. He wants to promote school choice and homeschooling. Mele supports a more competitive procurement and tendering process to improve transit infrastructure and roads. He calls for the release of all prisoners currently held for possession of marijuana.

Lieutenant Governor: Eveline brownstein

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Joanne kuniansky

Party: Socialist workers

Occupation: Deli employee

Home: Western New York

Kuniansky ran for office in three states. She advocated for workers’ rights, including a shorter workweek with no pay cut. She wants to put an end to police brutality, anti-Semitic attacks and attacks on the right to abortion.

Lieutenant Governor: Vivian M. Sahner

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