​​​​​​​End the occupation, recognize the AANES… most important recommendations, results of the 3rd conference of the FSP – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

This morning, the Future Syria Party held its third general conference in the city of Raqqa, with the participation of hundreds of Future Syria Party members from northern and eastern Syria, Idlib and Homs, sheikhs and dignitaries of Arab and Kurdish clans, members of political parties, representatives of the autonomous administration of northern and eastern Syria and the civil council of Raqqa.

The party concluded its conference with the final statement by Abd Hamid Al-Mahbash, leader of the New Syria Future Party, who was elected at the conference and said:

In the spirit of the martyr Jasmine and the fountain of the gift of Hevrin, in the spirit of all those who sacrificed themselves for the revolution and chanted for freedom and dignity, the third conference of the Party of Syria of the future was held under the slogan “Our management is our identity, our strengths, our pride, our party is our hope” in the city of Raqqa with the participation of more than 800 delegates, guests and representatives of the autonomous administration and democracy of the Syrian forces, the Syrian Democratic Council, political parties, the families of the martyrs, the democratic society movement, youth and women, and national and social personalities.

The statement read: “Today, our party held its third conference under difficult conditions experienced by our Syrian people, due to the regime’s repressive policy, which it practices against Syrian citizens without exception, and bears the full responsibility for the outcome of the Syrian crisis. This is what has made Syria a global war zone. It has led to the collapse of the economic and social structure, and the conflict between Syrian parties during the 11 years of crisis has emptied the political movement of its content and the division of the opposition dependent on regional and international agendas, all of which have led to the complexity of the Syrian crisis, and blocked the horizon of a solution.

And in the face of all that happened, the Syrian Democratic Forces launched themselves with the support of the coalition because of the culture of resistance and self-defense and the sacrifices and the blood of the martyrs. We are in solidarity with him to preserve the gains he has made.

The statement read: “Since the establishment of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to take charge and organize community affairs and political affairs, the Syrian Democratic Council has had a political and societal vision to organize and create the ground for the work of political parties and forces, which resulted in the creation of our party, to express the aspirations of Syrians on all sides in the current circumstances which require the presence of a Syrian political party which pursues the democracy and the vision of a solution in Syria in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy with the end of all occupations, and for Syria to be a state of peace and justice.

The statement explained, “From the founding conference until today, our party has transformed into a political force with a mass base that allows it to take control of the political scene in the next stage. The organizational status of party work over the past period was assessed with a focus on the role of the organization in party transformation and upgrading to reach various segments. social, broadening the mass base, spreading its ideas and principles, enriching the personality of the party in terms of intellectual, political and cultural aspects, and praising the role of women and youth as a political party, vital and effective part of society”.

The statement stated: “The two conferences agreed on the following recommendations:

Work to stop the war and achieve lasting peace in Syria, release detainees, reveal the fate of the missing and work for the return of the displaced.

– Asking that the case of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf be referred to the competent international trial, and the accusation before the International Criminal Court against all those involved in the crime and their supporters, as one of the war crimes described.

The need for the participation and representation of the political forces of northern and eastern Syria in the ongoing political process under the supervision of the United Nations within the framework of UN resolution 2254.

The desired form of government is for Syria to be a pluralist democracy with a decentralized parliamentary system.

End all occupations in Syria, especially the Turkish occupation, through the United Nations and relevant international parties, and expose the policies of the Turkish occupation state in Syria and the region.

Seeking to demand recognition of democratic self-government as a democratic project to resolve the Syrian crisis.

At the end of the press release, “At the end of the conference, the general council of the party, composed of 127 members, was elected, the president of the party, Abd Hamid Al-Mahbash, and the general secretary of the party, Siham Daoud, were elected.



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