EXCLUSIVE – Director of the Grillhouse hotplate | FULL INTERVIEW – ZimEye

EXCLUSIVE – Director of the Grillhouse hotplate | FULL INTERVIEW

Below is a brief interview with the manager of Hotplate Grillhouse, a popular restaurant that has recently taken over the hospitality industry. The discussion follows social media accusations against its owners.

Griddle Grillhouse

ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza (SC) talks with company director Mr. Benson Muneri (BM)

SC: Aren’t you a front?

BM: Benson Muneri is a young Zimbabwean entrepreneur born in Kadoma, raised in Bulawayo and based in South Africa for 22 years where he worked in leading restaurants up to executive level before deciding to return home in 2019 and to invest in Zimbabwe under the new exemption.

Mr Benson Muneri

SC: How did you get the money?

BM: I built 15 stores in South Africa where I had access to cash flow from banks and my own full-time jobs. These stores generated enough cash for me to support the launch in Zimbabwe in 2019 as I also sold all these stores I owned [so] to have enough money for the Zimbabwean deployment.

SC: Aren’t you connected to the Mnangagwa family?

Simba Chikanza

BM: I totally respect the First Family and I’m not ashamed of it, because they share the same respect for me as a young businessman. It’s our relationship; it is based on our work ethic and the utmost respect for President HE Mnangagwa and the office he holds.

SC: How many companies get a nod and presidential approval?

BM: Very little, Simba; so for him doing this for me, I have total respect for him as a father figure. Moreover, the company is not linked to the first family.

SC: What about your relationship with popular female Twitter personality Lynne? As you accuse, though I’m still trying to figure out what that means. You are accused of having met her in South Africa at some point.

BM: I’ve never personally met Lynne, but she offered and agreed to be the brand ambassador for Hotplate Grillhouse when we got into the social media space. Hotplate Grillhouse is where it is today thanks to humble people like her who didn’t ask or expect anything in return for her services until she quit.

SC: Didn’t you connect Lynne to the ZANU PF elites?

BM: Did I connect Lynne to Zanu elites? …… No, I didn’t in any way.

SC: Why are you giving away free meals, and what exactly is your motivation for it?

BM: Motivation of free meals… We build a brand image in the process of creating a social awareness of what young people should do. As future responsible leaders, the power is in their hands to decide who they want, so we are only aware of this aspect in our actions. Above all, we make our effort to bring the nation together and get people to speak in the true spirit of love and unity as one great nation.

Simba, we are a brand for the people and we represent the masses. We do what we do and do far more charity work than any restaurant brand in Zimbabwe and we are proud of what we do. The same people attacking us on public platforms come into our inbox asking for help and we gladly help wherever we can because we strongly believe that we are a brand for people.

We are passionate about what we do and make a difference in people’s lives and will have no hesitation in continuing to provide meals as we want to make a difference as a brand and do what others have never thought of. name of love for our nation.

SC: Thank you sir.

BM: Thank you.

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