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Building a strong family, building strong communities.

Let’s really think about it. How many of us were really raised to be a husband or a wife? For most of us, our expectations of a husband or wife are based on what we have captured through a visual aid.

If you don’t mind, let me ask you a few questions. What are your expectations of a husband? A woman’s ? Where do these expectations come from? For those of us who are husbands or wives, are we living up to our own expectations?

The position of the husband is the cornerstone in building and maintaining a strong and prestigious family.

God’s structure for the family is that man and woman work together as husband and wife to produce a dedicated lineage for his search and service.

We have become comfortable with cohabitation instead of collaboration. For this reason, our sons need to be taught about the structural content of how God designed the manifestation of the family.

First to be a son, to pass from a man to a man, to become a husband and then a father. Our sons need to be developed to understand that there is more to being a husband than getting married. A husband’s stance is a goal stance.

What is the real reason why the position of husband was created or exists? What is the intention or goal of being a husband? Just as being a man is a job or an occupation, a man is a career, a husband is a profession. A man can never really be a husband because a job is an occupation.

The position of husband (career development) implies prolonged training and a formal qualification allowing the transformation into a professional. A man who becomes a husband is one who adopts and imitates the standards of education, training, knowledge and special skills necessary to fulfill the specific role within this profession.

In short, the position of husband is a profession, the person who occupies the position is a professional. It will not come by osmosis.

To be a husband must be taught and learned. Otherwise, we will continue to have men cohabiting (occupation-man at home) with no real understanding of a profession, becoming a professional or establishing their position as a man of the house. A husband.

Reverend Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of the Church of God of Orange-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.

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