Full time for $ 60,000? St. Louis County Council Considering New Job Description, Increase of Up to $ 40,000 | Politics

“These are our bosses, and that’s how I see it,” he said.

Council President Rita Days, a former state legislator, agreed: “Nothing arouses the ire of the electorate than asking them ‘What do you want?’ and then ignore it completely.

Council members ended the discussion by urging Harder and Trakas to see if they could come up with a joint proposal for the body to consider.

The charter requires that salary increases not take effect until the start of a new term. This means that board members approving a raise would not get it unless they were re-elected.

Elections for county seats are staggered every two years. Next year, voters will elect representatives for odd-numbered ridings. The incumbents in these districts are Clancy, Days, Fitch and Harder.

Representatives from the peer districts – currently Dunaway, Trakas and Webb – will not receive any salary increases until 2024.

But under a charter amendment, a pay rise would immediately be passed for all board members, Trakas said.

Together, the board’s salaries total $ 145,000. In addition, each council member has a full-time legislative assistant who is paid $ 46,675.20. And the board employs a fiscal policy coordinator, Chris Grahn Howard, who earns $ 74,984 a year.

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