Giants’ Evan Engram starts winning over the home crowd

There was nothing sarcastic about this string of cheers for Evan Engram.

MetLife Stadium erupted on Sunday when Engram climbed over Raiders defenseman Johnathan Abram and landed a 30-yard touchdown pass that marked the Giants’ first touchdown in the first quarter of one of their five home games this season. . It set the tone for an odd day in which Daniel Jones showcased his tight ends and running backs, and only targeted wide receivers on four of 20 passes.

“DJ made a perfect pitch – literally a perfect pitch – and trusted me,” Engram said after a 23-16 win. “That’s literally who they are as a defense, their cover in this lineup. All day long, that’s what they run. So we knew what we were going to get. We just had to go do the play.

Engram has touched down touchdowns in back-to-back games over a six-day span. In between, the Giants have somewhat surprisingly held on to the future free agent on the NFL trade deadline.

What a difference from September 26, when the home crowd cheered on Engram after he was knocked out of the game following a setback. He lost a fumble earlier in that game against the Falcons.

The former first-round pick was mostly used in midfield to move the chains, but the touchdown – “Moss-ing” Abram – was a callback to the raw athleticism that can make him a cover nightmare…. as long as it secures the socket.

“It was cool, yeah,” Engram said of the cheers, as relief spread across his face. “Mainly I felt really good making a game for the team. We’ve been working on this game a lot this week and for it to come back and cash it was big. So it felt good. ”

Evan Engram catches the ball on his touchdown reception, his second consecutive game finding the end zone.
Corey Sipkin

Engram led the Giants with 38 receiving yards. Tight end Kyle Rudolph led with four catches. Kenny Golladay (two catches for 28 yards on two targets), Kadarius Toney (one catch for 9 yards on his only target) and Darius Slayton (the target of an incomplete) are silent.

“The game plan that we have come up with this week, the attacking staff have done a good job of seeing what we are doing well and what we can face against them in terms of the success of other teams,” said the coach. Joe Judge. “I thought they had found the right formula with this.”

Golladay, Toney and Slayton all played 30 of 54 offensive snaps, according to NextGenStats, as the Giants spun receivers including Collin Johnson, Pharoah Cooper and John Ross. The job description on Sunday called for a race blockage, although Golladay and Toney both converted on separate thirds and 8s.

“I think it has a lot to do with how well we handled it and we trusted it,” Jones said. “When you’re able to do that, when the offensive line plays like that, then you lean on it. We have the versatility as a team to be able to play in different ways. It was working, so we stuck with it.

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