GOOD PRACTICES: Faulkner Auto Group mentorship program helps technicians

As Komar and Long interviewed Faulkner’s senior technicians and service managers on ways to improve the mentoring program, they discovered that some older technicians had unmet career needs. Komar says: “We’re talking about guys who are a little bit older who come to you and say, ‘What’s my next step?’ You never want to say to someone who has been loyal to you for all these years, “Sorry, I have nothing for you, you went out.” How do you use that knowledge, for them and for the company? ”

Mentorship appealed to Wenger: “I always enjoy seeing others learn new things, seize ideas and grow. I find it gratifying.

Keegan Martin, 20, graduated from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster this spring, trains with Wenger. Martin, who worked at the Chevy store as a porter before graduating from college, discovered the program during his job interview.

“For the first day or two, it was scary. It’s a very close-knit group of guys. But everyone was friendly and open to me,” said Martin. “I told people I learned more from Derrick than I maybe got in school.”

Komar says the five interns at the stores he oversees who completed the program are now full-time technicians who excel at their jobs.

The mentorship program is part of Faulkner’s effort to permanently solve his technology shortage.

The company has committed $ 1 million to a technician training program at a local high school whose first graduates will arrive in about three years.

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