Hastings resigns from Davison Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dawn Hastings

DAVIS –After 18 years as head of the Davison Area Chamber of Commerce, LaDawn Hastings has announced that she is leaving to accept a position at the Traverse City Golf Performance Center.

She said she will be there to help with the transition to a new executive director for the chamber, but expects to start her new job in the coming weeks.

Hastings’ son Travis, a professional golfer, recently purchased the Traverse City Golf Performance Center and she said she would not only help him start the business, but also with marketing and networking in the community.

“Anyone who knows me knows that golf has been a great passion in my family’s life for many years. so much so that my son recently purchased this establishment and asked me to join him in this wonderful new venture,” she said in her resignation letter to the chamber board. “I am thrilled to be able to use my refined skills and talents during my tenure at the Chamber of Commerce and to join him as this new chapter in his life unfolds.”

Hastings said Travis had a lot of big dreams and she was thrilled for him and that she and her husband wanted to do what they could to help him so he could “follow that dream”.

She said she started at the Davison Area Chamber of Commerce as a member and later as an ambassador, office staff and eventually was named executive director.

“It was a work in progress,” she said.

Hastings said Davison is “a very unique community” that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. She said she loves meeting people who have started their businesses here and shares their enthusiasm for making their dreams come true.

“There have been remarkable and wonderful things here and a lot of wonderful people,” she said. “There are a lot of people who are passionate about Davison and those are the people I love to be around.”

She said she met a lot of people and made some really good relationships. For someone who is “passionate about networking,” she said it’s nice to do business with people you know and trust.

“It was nice to have contacts close at hand — people who have a passion for Davison, especially nonprofits,” she said. “They want to make a difference and we need more people like that.”

Hastings said she told the council she wanted to help her son, but was not leaving on just two weeks’ notice.

She said a replacement needed to be trained, adding that she was prepared to stay on for as long as necessary to allow a new person to become familiar with the job.

Hastings said she will miss the bedroom but will always be around Davison and hopes to spend some time between here and Traverse City.

“I’ve met wonderful people and seen people come and go, people’s lives change and positions change, businesses go bankrupt,” she said. “It was wonderful work and I loved every minute of it.”

House Speaker Randy Trumbo confirmed the board was interviewing to find a successor to Hastings, but added she will be missed.

“It’s a loss for the chamber,” Trumbo said. “She’s been a great asset, LaDawn will be missed, but we can’t wait to find someone.”

He said Hastings’ availability during the transition to a new GM would be helpful, depending on who his successor is and the skills he has.

With over 150 members, the Davison Area Chamber of Commerce’s goal is to promote member businesses and a willingness to work with others to improve the quality of life in the community. Membership benefits include networking opportunities, business support services, referrals, community services and events.

The Davison Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is currently accepting applications to fill the position. A job description with requirements and qualifications are listed on the Chamber’s website at www.DavisonChamberofCommerce.com.

Anyone wishing to apply should send a CV to [email protected] by the September 11 deadline to be considered.

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