Henderson District offers teachers $ 11 an hour to clean schools

HENDERSON, Ky. – Teachers sometimes say they’re supposed to be babysitters and social workers as well.

Henderson County school officials are hoping they will consider adding a janitor to their job description.

The district is offering teachers a chance to earn an extra – about the same price as fast food outlets – for staying late and cleaning up after their teaching day is over. A flyer circulating in the district promises $ 11.34 an hour to be earned for being a backup guard.

“Often a lot of teachers have to take second jobs. It’s not just here. We say, why go to work at Walmart? Why don’t you stay here with us?” said Chad Thompson, deputy superintendent of secondary education and learning for Henderson County schools.

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He said the offer might appeal to some younger teachers, especially those who don’t have families to return home to after work.

“This is another example, in some ways, of what has always been expected of teachers,” said David Patterson, director of communications for the Kentucky Education Association.

He noted that Kentucky is ranked 42nd among states for teacher compensation, and that on average, teachers in the state spend about $ 400 a year of their own money on supplies.

The Kentucky General Assembly has not approved money for statewide teacher increases since the 2014-15 school year, Patterson said.

“The commitment of teachers to their schools and their students is unprecedented, in my opinion,” said Patterson.

Thompson said Henderson Schools are currently down by about seven gatekeeper positions. Although the school district would welcome applicants from the community, he said, finding them has been difficult.

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“We are no different from the rest when it comes to recruiting people right now,” said Thompson. “We are struggling to find teachers, guards and bus drivers. We are doing everything we can to find people.”

A beginning teacher with a bachelor’s degree earns $ 37,698, according to the 2021-22 Henderson County Schools salary schedules. Salaries for teachers in the district are $ 65,220 for 27 years of experience and a master’s degree with 30 additional hours of training.

So far, the offer has attracted two applicants, including a teacher and another employee, Thompson said.

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