Housing Society notice banning delivery people from using elevator sparks outrage

IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared a notice taped to the elevator door of a housing company and it sparked outrage on Twitter. The notice, written in Hindi, prohibits anyone other than residents of the building from using the elevator. He then mentions Swiggy, Zomato’s delivery people as well as other people who deliver miscellaneous items among those who are prohibited from using the elevator. While most saw this as discriminatory behavior, others said the buildings had separate service elevators to save everyone time.

What was the case was unclear. “No caption,” Sharan wrote on Twitter. Most people said that delivery partners should not be responsible for delivering food to the door in housing companies where the elevator is not available to them. “Companies should reinvent themselves and make it part of their work ethic to only deliver to buildings where elevators are accessible to everyone,” one Twitter user wrote.

This is not the first time such a notice has gone viral and sparked outrage. Recently, a Hyderabad housing company issued a notice asking ‘maids, drivers and delivery people’ not to use the main lifts or be fined 300 rupees. In another case, a Pune housing company pointed to India’s deep-rooted classism and casteism. A Twitter user shared a photo of two stickers on the elevators of a “fancy” housing company in the city. One of them stipulated that a “housekeeper” (an outdated term for a domestic helper) had to use two particular elevators. The other sticker stated that “Milkman, Newspaper and Courier Distributor, Laundress, Laborers, Painters and Pets [sic]” had to use another particular elevator.

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