How Business Owners Can Help Homeless Veterans Through Employment

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Homeless veteran on the street

Homeless veteran on the street

UMBRA condos

UMBRA condos

Homelessness for veterans is a growing problem in the country, and business owners can help reduce it.

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CENTURY CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2021 / – When the COVID-19 pandemic began to rock the world in late 2019, we didn’t expect the virus to affect the world as much as it did.

The companies have been shut down due to the government-imposed lockdown, causing the unemployment rate for generic citizens and veterans to rise. Fast forward to fall 2021, vaccines are now available and businesses are returning to their normal workflow. Now is the perfect time for business owners to take extra steps to address the issue of homelessness among Veterans as they rehire their workforce.

In this release, we talk about what employers can do to meet their workforce needs while at the same time tackling veteran homelessness.

First and foremost, employers can reserve seats for veterans, that is, they can reserve a certain number of positions for veterans only. This will give veterans peace of mind that they will only have to fight for one of the reserved seats, reducing the competition they face.

There are a large number of homeless veterans who are physically disabled. To be precise, 53% of homeless veterans suffer from physical disabilities. Employers can create new positions that can be filled by staff with disabilities. This will ensure that disabled veterans are maximally exposed to job availability, without their disability negatively affecting their chances of getting a job. Such positions include office work which does not require the worker to perform significant physical activities.

Last but not least, employers can set up specialized bonuses for veterans to reward them for their service in the field and great work in the office. These bonuses include additional compensation in terms of wages, semi-annual or annual cash bonuses, perks such as free transport and anything that could make their lives easier.

Apart from all of this, business owners can invest in other businesses working to reduce veteran homelessness in the country.

UMBRA Inc. (UCIX) companies is an organization that is currently preparing to build several housing projects across the United States. These projects aim to help homeless veterans find their new home quickly and easily.

If you want to know more about the UCIX movement or be an investor, you can contact the team by click here.

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