India at UN calls on Pakistan to vacate all ‘illegal occupation’ areas in J&K and Ladakh

India on Tuesday called on Pakistan to evacuate all “illegal occupation” areas in Jammu and Kashmir. Counselor at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, R Madhusudan, said: “All J&K and Ladakh were, are and always will be an integral part of India, regardless of what the representative of the Pakistan”.

“We call on Pakistan to immediately vacate all areas under its illegal occupation,” he added.

Further, giving an appropriate response, yet again, to Pakistan at the United Nations (UN), India said on Tuesday that Islamabad had an “established history” of harboring, aiding and even actively supporting terrorists. . After statements by Pakistani representative Munir Akram about India supporting terrorism in Pakistan, Madhusudan blasted Islamabad.

Highlighting the threat posed to civilians by terrorism, Madhusudan also said that the perpetrators of the devastating Mumbai terror attack in 2008 continue to enjoy Pakistan’s patronage. During a UN Security Council debate on the “protection of civilians in armed conflict”, India said member states were well aware of how Pakistan “harbours” terrorists.

The Indian adviser’s remarks came in response to remarks made by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN who baselessly alleged that India funded and even supported UNSC-listed terrorist entities to carry out cross-border terrorist attacks. against the Pakistani army. However, in a scathing response, the Indian envoy said Islamabad currently holds the “despicable record” for hosting the highest number of terrorists proscribed by the Council.

Madhusudan said: “This is not the first time that the representative of Pakistan has misused the platform provided by the UN to spread false and malicious propaganda against my country and sought in vain to divert attention. of the world of the sad state of his country, where terrorists take advantage of the free pass and the tastes of ordinary people and especially those belonging to the minority are upset.

“It is a country that has been globally recognized as a sponsor of terrorism and holds the world record for hosting the most terrorists proscribed by the Security Council. So much so that terrorist attacks in the world today hui have their origin, in one form or another, in Pakistan,” he also said.

Indian envoy on perpetrators of Mumbai terror attack

Reminding the UN Security Council that Pakistan’s foreign minister and foreign minister have already been called out for aiding terrorists, including al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, Madhudusan said Islamabad continues to follow the same path undeterred. He said: “We are discussing the protection of civilians today. The greatest threat to civilians comes from terrorists. As we mentioned earlier, the perpetrators of the heinous Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008 continue to benefit of the patronage of the State which it represents”. .

Madhusudan said India seeks peaceful solution to all conflicts with all nations including Pakistan. “However, any meaningful dialogue can only be held in an atmosphere free from terror, hostility and violence. It is incumbent on Pakistan to create such a conducive atmosphere. Until then, India will continue to take firm and decisive in responding to cross-border terrorism,” he added.

Image: AP/PTI

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