Is it time for a job change? Here are some signs

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There comes a point in your career when you feel like you don’t fit the culture of the company and want to get out of it. You feel like you’ve moved beyond your roles and want to explore new challenges elsewhere, or the job wasn’t quite what you really thought it was. And you start to hate it.

But when is the right time to quit? Let’s take a look at some signs that indicate you’re about to quit this job for another.

You don’t like going to work

After this weekend relief from this work environment, it’s a Monday morning again. The alarm wakes you up, or your brain has been programmed to be fully awake at a specific time. You heave that “ugh” sigh as you’re reluctant to push that blanket back and get ready for work. It’s a sign that you don’t like your job or that it makes you uncomfortable. Now is the time to start gauging what it is with that job that turns your Monday moods upside down. Could it be this colleague or an unfulfilled task? Could it be this monotony at work that drives you up the wall? Maybe your job offers few opportunities for growth, but before you consider quitting and looking elsewhere, talk to your boss about your situation. It may be that the job is not that bad, but you are not coping well.

No career development

You’ve been stuck in this job for a long time. Some people may be comfortable stuck in one place if there are other benefits to it. There is, however, a downside to being stuck in one place. You are not improving your skills or adding to your value as an employee. You see others around you being promoted and given great responsibilities as you are still stuck out there doing the same thing year after year. If your job doesn’t offer any opportunity for career development, it’s time to consider looking for another.


Concern for money affects almost everyone. But if you constantly worry about your finances, that means you are being paid less than you expected. And this concern is evident to those who have worked for the organization for a long time but still receive the same pay throughout – with negligible inflation adjustment on occasion. They feel that they are doing too much for the employer and that they are getting little for their efforts. But that shouldn’t always be the case – you can ask to speak to management and make a well-prepared argument as to why you need a raise, then ask for an appraisal. If the organization finds that you are not eligible for a raise, you can start looking for another job where you will be paid based on your workload. We’re not doing you a favor.

You are bored stiff

We all love to take on and solve new challenges in the workplace. But your job offers no challenges, and you do it with utter boredom or just going through the motions. You tried to discuss it with your boss but you are not being listened to. Boredom can be a sign that you aren’t doing what you wanted to do. How to overcome this boredom? Steal your employer’s time logged in to social media, or play those computer games and check the time wishing the day was over quickly? Boredom could be a sign that you want to get out.

Feel used

You are that early bird – the first in the office and the last to leave. You have more workload on your desk than your colleagues every day, and yet you are in the same job description. Your boss might be the toxic kind who demands more of you. No matter how you go about trying to deliver, the boss feels like you haven’t done much. You want to quit this unrewarding job and look for one where you will feel appreciated.

Lack of interest

How does it feel to have a job that doesn’t match your goals and personal interests? Work can be well paid but not satisfying. It also doesn’t allow you to maximize your potential. Some other areas of your life can also be affected by the same apathy. There is nothing worse than having a job that does not interest you and obscures other areas of your life.

Too many challenges

While career challenges are good in the way they help hone skills and advance in your career, too many obstacles may not be so good. You end up with more challenges than you can handle on a daily basis. They will start to exhaust you or make your stress worse, including affecting your long-term health. Your job description may have prepared you for some challenges, but you are not very well prepared for the overwhelming daily challenges. You think you are quitting for a less demanding job.

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