Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sexually abused and raped Russian woman months before arrest

Jeffrey Epstein is accused of having manipulated, trafficked, sexually abused and raped a Russian woman for years, including in the months leading up to her arrest in July 2019.

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The trial, which was obtained by Featured Detectives, was filed Thursday in federal court in New York City, listing the plaintiff only as “Jane Doe.”

The lawsuit names Epstein’s executors as accused, given that the accused died after hanging himself in prison awaiting trial on numerous charges of sexual abuse and trafficking.

His alleged mistress, Ghislaine Maxwell, also faces heavy charges in connection with the alleged business. His trial is expected to begin next month.

In her trial, the Russian accuser said she attended university in Moscow in 2017 and was working part-time when she saw an ad online for a financial firm seeking an assistant. She applied and went through a series of interviews with a woman. The identity of the woman is unclear.

The job description was vague, and the application process included an interview in Paris with a man Jane Doe later learned was Epstein.

Once there, Doe said Epstein gave him $ 500 and told him it was payment for coming for the interview.

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Later that night, another woman allegedly showed Doe a room and asked her to put on the pajamas provided.

Shortly after, the woman reportedly brought Doe to a massage room where Epstein was present. He reportedly told another woman to explain to Doe how he liked to get a massage. According to the costume, she complied and then left Doe alone with him.

Epstein allegedly asked Doe to text him and take off his top. She hesitated, but he would have forced her to comply.

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He then allegedly told her to strip down to her underwear before picking up a sexual device and placing it against her genitals. Epstein reportedly told the victim to take off his underwear while he masturbated.

“Jane felt frozen with tremendous fear and confusion,” the complaint read. “A few minutes earlier, everyone in this man’s luxurious house had seemed so happy, and suddenly she was in a room where the man who owned and dictated the whole atmosphere and had bought his plane ticket, paid for it. her accommodation and food and brought her here was forcing her into unwanted sexual acts. “

When Epstein was done, he reportedly told the woman she needed to be more “open”.

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Later, Doe told Epstein that she thought he was offering her a job that didn’t involve sex. Epstein reportedly responded by telling him that he liked to employ girls from former Soviet countries because they were more motivated than American girls.

Epstein suspended employment prospects in front of Doe as he reportedly continued to engage in sexual acts during massages.

This is said to have happened during service hours and at various locations, including his home in Palm Beach, Florida.

During a specific massage in Palm Beach, Doe claims that Epstein raped her as a punishment for being unhappy and refusing to undress for a massage. A few hours later, he allegedly forced Doe to give him a blowjob.

The abuse, she said, also took place in Epstein’s estate in the Virgin Islands.

The alleged abuse had a lasting impact on Doe, even after Epstein’s arrest and suicide.

“Even after Epstein’s death was widely reported, Jane found it hard to believe he was really dead,” the costume reads, “and has long waited anxiously for him or someone who he is bound to contact her. “

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified sum of money for Doe and other alleged victims of Epstein.

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