Job descriptions discussed in Waterford

WATERFORD – The Waterford Board of Selectmen recently discussed the job description for a part-time recreation manager. Applications will be due by September 3rd and should be submitted to Randy Lessard of the City of Waterford. Selectman Todd Sawyer brought forward a motion to approve the job description and job posting, which was then passed.

The board also discussed a job description for a part-time adult community coordinator. A motion was brought by Board Member Sawyer to approve the job description drafted by Board Member Jamie Toohey for publication in the newspapers.

There have been discussions about establishing direct deposit for employee checks; however, there would be a cost and there is not a great demand for it from the employees. There was also talk of outsourcing payroll to a payroll company rather than in-house, as year-end tax work takes time. They considered and discussed the possibility of a company taking care of all payroll services.

Toohey also suggested that the city consider making vehicle registration renewals online available to customers.

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