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The labor market seems ideal for those who need a job

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – What was once one of Terre Haute’s largest employers is set to cut 100 employees this year. We told you before it’s at Sony in Terre Haute.

Sony DADC will leave many people on the job search path. It comes after the company laid off 100 employees. But an economist says they will have no problem finding their next job. Economists say the labor market looks good for manufacturing. ISU’s Dr. Robert Guell says Sony DADC’s main focus has been on the hard drive which is now a thing of the past, especially with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

“There’s very little demand for physical media anymore, and that’s what this factory has done. So over the last decade, we’ve seen one of the most large employers in Terre Haute.”

Dr. Guell adds that there are plenty of places that are hiring for those who will be laid off from Sony. He adds, however, that their paychecks may not look the same.

“Now you’re not going to do what you did or do what you did, but this is one of the best times in Terre Haute history to be unemployed.”

He says last year; people were paid much more for unemployment. This is no longer the case.

“One of the things they need to remember, though, is that the Enhanced Federal Unemployment Supplement no longer exists. So unemployment compensation checks are capped in Indiana at just under $400 per week.”

He says, of course, that no one ever wants to be fired, but people who are should look to the future with promise.

“Right now there is a very high demand in a very limited supply of workers, so if you are ready to work and you are not planning to retire, now is the best time.”

Also, if you’re looking for a job, a good place to start is some of the area’s hiring services, such as Labor Link, Workforce One, and Resource MFG.

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