Jobs for Seniors: Center’s SACRED Job Exchange Portal Opens Today, View Details | Economic news

New Delhi: From October 1, senior citizens looking for employment opportunities will be able to land jobs on the Indian government’s premier job exchange.

The portal known as Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity (SACRED) will help Indians over 60 find employment easily, from the comfort of their own homes. The portal is operated by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJ & E)

In a statement, the ministry said any job provider – individual, business, business, partnership and voluntary organization – can also register on the portal. “The job provider will specify the task involved and the number of seniors needed to complete it,” the ministry said.

The ministry will spend Rs 10 crore to fund the development of the platform, while a maintenance grant of Rs 2 crore has also been approved. In addition, an additional 10 million rupees will be spent annually on advertising the portal so that more people know about the initiative.

For the purposes of registration, seniors will need to share their relevant education, past experience, skills and areas of interest. The ministry pointed out that people on the platform can also add selected keywords related to their expected job roles, which will allow job providers to find them automatically.

“Therefore, the job portal will serve not only older people looking for a job, but also employers, self-help groups (SHG), older people learning skills and other agencies or individuals, ”the ministry said.

The ministry also encourages voluntary organizations to help seniors apply for jobs on the SACRED portal. No charge will be levied on the elderly by voluntary organizations. Also read: ABB launches the world’s fastest charger! Can charge up to four vehicles at a time, fully charge any electric car in 15 minutes

However, the ministry clarified that the job exchange portal for the elderly does not provide job guarantees or sales of self-help group products. “It will act as an interactive platform where stakeholders will meet virtually and decide on the way forward with mutual respect, consent and understanding. The web portal will be developed through the NIC. There will be an advertisement. adequate both among seniors and businesses to register on the portal, ”he said. Also Read: Gasoline Prices Today, October 1: Gasoline And Diesel Rates Are Soaring To Record High, Check Prices In Your City



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