JT & Dale Talk Jobs: Job Search Versus Job Dreaming | Economic news

Dear JT & Dale: I applied to 100 vacancies and received no response. So I invested $ 350 in a resume writer. I thought the CV looked better, until I showed it to three of my friends who hire managers. All three of them thought it was horrible. Worse yet, all three had different things to say about what was wrong. So, what is it for ? – Lisa

VALLEY: As soon as you say “I applied to 100 jobs” we know your approach is the problem, not the resume. You’re asking your recruiting friends the wrong question: Instead of asking them what they think of your resume, ask them to talk about the last people they hired. Hopefully you will learn that your friends prefer to hire people referred by current employees or who had some other connection to the company. On the other hand, you might learn that these are the passive type of hiring managers, the ones who just let an automated system screen candidates. In this case, you will hear the stats on how many applicants are actually counted, and then you will see that even though 100 applications make you feel like you’re looking for a job, it’s really sitting in front of a computer. and dream of a job.

JT: My advice is to stop focusing on the resume and start focusing on your networking. People hire people. You have to find ways to connect and have a conversation so that when they look at the resume, they actually see what they want to see.

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