Karren Brady Gives Career Advice – From Retires To Feeling Stuck At Your Work

Apprentice star and West Ham United FC vice-president Karren Brady answers all your career questions.

Today she is helping someone who is worried about increasing the retirement age and someone who feels stuck in a job they are good at with no hope of a raise or promotion. .

Baroness Karren Brady gives career adviceCredit: Lancton – Fabulous

Q) I am in my 50s and as the retirement age for women has increased I will have to work longer than expected.

I have a private pension, but I will need to continue building this fund to ensure a comfortable retirement.

I am a freelance travel agent but this is only a part time position and I will probably need to find a second job to create a portfolio career for the next few years.

Having worked in the travel industry all my life, I don’t know what else I could do – and I’m afraid my age matters to me. Do you have any advice?

Julie, by email

A) Looks like you’re managing your finances brilliantly, so kudos for that.

Having to work longer than expected means finding something you enjoy doing even more important.

Could you hire more clients to work full time in your role as a travel agent?

You might consider different ways of attracting clients, perhaps working with small businesses, as well as people with complex needs.

Create a LinkedIn profile that details your travel experience and expertise, and ask for customer testimonials.

Or you can complement your role as a freelance travel agent with a salaried position, perhaps at a hotel or other company where you can give advice to travelers.

The travel industry has suffered a lot during the pandemic, but most of us are desperate to make it as soon as possible, and companies that need to travel will want to get their teams back on the road, so there will be a demand. qualified personnel. agents.

Don’t take your age as a barrier – you have many years of experience that your younger colleagues won’t.

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Q) I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, before I started a rookie administrator role in 2019 – and now I feel stuck.

In the last year or so I have been given more responsibility and told that I am a valued worker, but have no hope of being promoted or getting a raise.

I have worked in the office throughout the pandemic, juggling childcare and taking over from coworkers who can’t or won’t do their jobs well. Where do I go from here?

Name retained

A) You need to understand why your manager is telling you that you have no hope of getting promoted or getting a raise.

Sometimes we all need to take over when business demands increase, but if that becomes a permanent part of your role, it’s only fair that your salary reflects that.

Look at your job description and add any additional responsibilities you have taken on.

Request a meeting to discuss your role and explain why you deserve a raise.

If your manager says no, ask why. If it’s a budget reason, ask if a higher salary can be budgeted for in next year’s forecast. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to move on.

Update your CV and LinkedIn profile, and look for positions where you will be paid for the work you provide.

There are also a growing number of virtual admin roles available now, there is a better understanding of how we can be successful at working from home which can give you the freedom to flexible work schedules and make juggling easier. with custody of the children. Good luck!

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