Karren Brady gives career advice

APPRENTICE star and West Ham United FC vice-president Karren Brady answers all your career questions

Today, she comes to the aid of a person who has created a business with a former colleague but who gives it their heart’s content and gives advice to an employee who wishes to change careers but who feels overwhelmed.

Baroness Karren Brady gives career advice

Q. I started a business last year with a guy I worked with in the past. I thought we had the same work ethic so I felt confident to create a 50/50 partnership through a limited liability company.

However, I have brought all the work so far and feel like I do it all and then give him half the money every month.

I tried to tell him to do his job and always asked him to make contracts, but I feel like clients buy into me and my experience, so he doesn’t even try. What should I do?

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A. It is such a frustrating situation. You need to be firm with your business partner, and show them how little they contribute and that despite talking to them many times, nothing has changed.

Tell him that you want a formal financial review, which will make it very clear that your contribution to the financial success of the business is more important than his own.

Suggest that if it doesn’t increase the number of contracts and match your contribution, the only way you see this business moving forward is to switch to a commission-based package, so that the the compensation that each of you receives is directly related to the money you contribute. in the business.

Instead of each having a 100% fixed salary, you would have the same base salary plus you would receive a commission for your own sales. If he refuses, it’s time to consider going solo. You are obviously good at building relationships with clients, so you need to have the confidence to know that you will be successful on your own.

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Q. I have been at my workplace for eight years, but for the past nine months I have been actively looking for another job. I get so excited when I apply for positions and think about what my life will be like when I have a better paying job because I would like to buy a house.

However, every time I get an interview my confidence crashes and I start to stop myself from making a change. I know it’s time to quit my current job, so how can I stop feeling overwhelmed?

Sara, by e-mail

A. It looks like you are definitely ready to take the next step in your career, and the only thing stopping you is you! It’s normal to feel anxious about leaving a business, especially one you’ve been with for eight years, but you have to overcome these nerves to move forward.

The fact that you are offered interviews shows that you have skills and experience, so all you need to do is work on your self-confidence. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself and rehearse potential interview responses.

Write down your main accomplishments over the past few years and the skills you have used to achieve these great results. Go through the job description and find examples of areas in which you have achieved goals in your current position relevant to the role.

Read and reread the notes you take – you can’t over-prepare for an interview, after all – and have a friend or family member do a mock interview with you.

Finally, remember that job hunting is a two-way street: you are a valuable asset and the company you are applying for should be a good fit for you as well. Good luck!

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Compiled by: Claire Frost

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