“My Sayang’s Resume” – M’sian Intern Forwards Email From BF Who Created His Resume To Interviewer

Job search is one of the most important moments in our life and we would like to leave a good impression. There are certain ethics that we are expected to follow when communicating with our potential employers.

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Recently, a career consultant, Nik Akmal, shared an incident via his Instagram account which shows a job search email that an employer had received earlier. The email, with a resume attached, shows a student in the business administration course who wants to intern at his company.

The email was written in a polite manner BUT there is something else that is just as important and which the student may have forgotten.

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At the bottom of her email, it is revealed that the resume was sent by her boyfriend, who had helped her create it. Without creating a new inbox, she immediately forwarded her boyfriend’s email to the employer. But that’s not all.

The messages between the couple were also passed on to the employer.

“Here’s your resume sayang!” Let me know if there is anything that needs improvement. I love you sayang!” the boyfriend ended the email with a kiss.

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It’s definitely something none of us want our potential employers to see, especially when we’re in the process of looking for jobs and internships.

In his caption, Nik said that the ethics of sending an email is one of the main skills as it is a platform used for official communication.

“Hilarious. Pity. Grimacing. Rejecting. I have mixed emotions about it,” he said.

He also said consider yourself lucky if HR still decides to call you for an interview, although the chances of being teased for the email are likely. However, Nik reminded people that it should be understandable that HR would end up rejecting the application immediately, because she shows it. the lack of professionalism and not do one’s own work.

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Not only that, but it also implies that the person is not thorough enough in checking his own work.

It all depends on the type of job we are looking for, as the final decision rests with the employers.

It is always wise to double check our emails before sending them to avoid unnecessary problems. HR friends or recruiting team here? How would you react if you received an email like this?

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