North Carolina thrift store helps women battling drug addiction find jobs

Hannah’s Bridge Thrift Boutique is transforming the lives of women struggling with drug addiction.

GREENSBORO, NC – It’s a busy morning for Yvonne Craven at Hannah’s Bridge Thrift Store in Greensboro.

His goal is to have everything ready before customers enter the store.

“We have donations,” Craven said.

“We are fortunate to have a lot of people donating to us. You know how to keep us running.

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Blessed, that’s how she also describes her life because two years ago life was very different.

Craven said a cocaine addiction made it difficult for her to keep a job like she does now.

“I was homeless, I was out of a job, I lived in my car, totally desperate and actually a couple I went to high school with found me,” Craven explained.

It was then that they brought her to Hannah’s Haven.

Hannah’s paradise is a one-year Christ-based recovery program for women.

Store manager Carina Cole said working in the thrift store was part of women’s recovery.

“A lot of them, their resumes can be slim,” Cole said.

“Where, even in drug addiction, they might not have worked, so we want to give them a stable background so that they can work in the world of work. So we teach them discipline and commitment here.

All the money earned in the store goes back into the program.

Craven graduated from the program in June.

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Now employed and reconnected with her two children, she said her story shows that every purchase at the store is money well spent.

“I have hope,” Craven said.

“I used to wake up in the morning wishing I didn’t wake up and now I wake up thanking God for everything I have and to see what he has for me today.”

Hannah’s Haven will host its 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament October 1 at Crooked Tree Golf Course.

Special guests include Pro Champions Tour golfer Mike Goodes and Long Drive champion Scottie Pearman.

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