Olympian Nicola Fairbrother trades judo costume for white chef for 100-day stopover in Spain’s best restaurants

Olympian in a kitchen

Olympian in a kitchen by Nicola Fairbrother

Olympian in a kitchen by Nicola Fairbrother

Fairbrother launched a newsletter called Olympian in a Kitchen with weekly episodes on life in a professional kitchen.

ALICANTE, ALICANTE, SPAIN, October 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Olympian Nicola Fairbrother is swapping her judo suit for white chefs for a 100-day chef stage at Spain’s best restaurants.

How to find out more?

Fairbrother launched a newsletter called Olympian in a Kitchen with weekly episodes on life in a professional kitchen.

Find out how an Olympian survives (or doesn’t) when thrown into an entirely different high-pressure environment by following The Journey.

Who is Nicola Fairbrother?

Most people will know Nicola Fairbrother – not as a chef – but as an Olympian judo. In 1992, she won the Olympic silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics. She is also world champion in judo and triple European champion. In 1994, Her Majesty the Queen awarded him an MBE for services rendered in judo.

Recently, she converted to a professional chef by completing the nine-month Professional Diploma course at Leiths Food and School of Wine in London.

What is this 100 day chef stage?

Fairbrother changes his judo suit for white chefs for this mammoth task.

The 51-year-old will work for 100 days in Spanish Michelin-starred restaurants. The journey has already started.

“I’m back in white. But not a judogi this time. Nope. This is something very new to me. And for that, I’m in the chef whites, ”says Fairbrother.

“I have now completed three stages in three very different kitchens in Spain. Each kitchen you step into is completely different, each chef adds their own personal imprint of recipes and work ethic, ”says Fairbrother.

Work with some of the best chefs in the world

Fairbrother has worked alongside Michelin starred chefs like Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz), Maria Jose San Roman (El Monastrell), Susi Diaz (La Finca), Scott Davies, Aizpea Oihadener and Xabi Diez (El Xarma) and Pablo Montoro (Montoro) .

What is the Olympian newsletter in a kitchen?

Fairbrother, who wrote for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent and The Times, and commented for the BBC at three Olympics, recently launched a free newsletter called Olympian in a Kitchen.

The newsletter contains a mix of personal stories from the Olympian, as well as healthy recipes and tips on cooking skills.

Experience the Olympian’s first day in a professional kitchen.

Find out how to prepare this healthy Langoustine and Mango dish.

Why does an Olympian venture into a kitchen?

Fairbrother says there are a lot of similarities between being a sportswoman and being a chef.

“The everyday. Sacrifice. Routine. The pursuit of self-improvement. Focus. Lead. Creativity. Technical. Not to mention the adrenaline rush.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping, delivering a soufflé to order, or preparing for an Olympic final, the adrenaline rushing through your veins is pretty much the same.”

“I searched for a few years to find something to replace the buzz of being an Olympic judo athlete. Who would have thought that I would find it while working in a kitchen?

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