Paramedical jobs: week of January 3, 2022

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Global medical response

Redlands, California

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JOB SUMMARY: Respond to emergency and non-emergency calls and provide high quality patient care and customer service within prescribed scope of practice, established protocols and company policies.

Essential tasks and responsibilities:

Maintains in-depth knowledge of treatment protocols, response requirements and quality assurance procedures in the system to which he is assigned.

Keeps abreast of all changes to system components and company policy.

Maintains the level and type of certifications compatible with the performance of tasks in the system to which they are assigned.

Meets all state and company requirements for operating a motor vehicle.

Drives a company vehicle in accordance with company policy and safety practices.

Develops the ability to quickly and securely locate addresses through knowledge of numbering systems and street layout.

Ensures the unit remains in a state of readiness in terms of mechanical reliability, medical supply and equipment, cleanliness and appearance standards.

Immediately reports to the Primary Paramedic any deviation from vehicle or equipment standards that could affect the unit’s ability to respond to a call.

Complete all appropriate documentation, as outlined in company policy.

Immediately report all problems and unusual events to the primary paramedic or supervisor.

Maintains a professional appearance by adhering to hygiene and uniform standards.

Attends all compulsory internships.

Other duties as defined in the job description.

Education / License / Certification:

High school diploma or equivalent (GED

Driving license ca

Ambulance driver’s license (from DMV)

Medical examiner card (from DMV)

California State EMT License

CPR card (American Heart Association ONLY, health care provider. Handwritten cards are not accepted)

Driving record in accordance with the AMR safety and driving policy (proof required if conditional use is made).

ICS courses, please refer to the link

IS-100B (ICS 100)

IS-200B (ICS 200)

IS-700A (NIMS)

IS-800B (NIMS)

EMS Education Specialist

Powder Fire Authority

Fort Collins, CO

SUMMARY: The EMS Education Specialist is responsible for the implementation, delivery and monitoring of EMS education for PFA employees and partner agencies in the Northern Larimer Emergency Response Zone County (NLCERA). This position works under the direct supervision of the EMS Captain within the Support Division as a full time employee.

WORKING HOURS: This position normally works a 40 hour work week. The schedule may include occasional evening and / or weekend classes. Can give trainings / presentations early in the morning, in the evening and on weekends.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duties and responsibilities illustrate the main duties of this position and are not intended to be exhaustive. This position may complement other assigned duties.

Provides instruction on emergency medical services to various groups of learners; associated public safety providers, including paramedics, doctors, firefighters; community members and students.

Works with the PFA EMS Captain to provide a variety of EMS educational sessions to meet program requirements and certifications.

Writes assessment instruments and administers tests for results, skills and mastery of content.

Works, interacts and helps other internal and external EMS educators to function as a team to provide and ensure the continued quality of educational programs.

Participates in self-assessment, peer mentoring, peer assessment programs and continuing education activities.

Develops training content and materials, organizes, plans and conducts educational experiences in the classroom, clinical, digital and field settings.

Monitors EMS program activities to assess effectiveness.

Maintains accurate records, submits required reports and may recommend program improvements and changes.

Communicates with students, staff, vendors and the public in a professional and positive manner.

Responds to requests for assistance from internal and external stakeholders. Establishes and maintains positive relationships with external stakeholders.

Participates in emergency care audit, evaluation and research programs.

Performs EMS equipment and medication management, inventory control and delivery (as required).

Drive Authority vehicles safely.

Performs all tasks in a safe manner using all required PPE, safety devices and equipment.

Uses computers and related software to record activities, prepare reports and communicate by e-mail.

Performs other assigned duties.



Knowledge of basic and advanced survival equipment used in pre-hospital emergency medical care.

Knowledge of state and federal rules and regulations governing the provision / operation and educational requirements of basic and advanced resuscitation services and personnel.

Ability to provide emergency medical services.

Ability to provide strong interpersonal skills, flexibility and superior customer service.

Knowledge of EMS theory, practice and trends.

Ability to promote higher order thinking and problem solving among teaching participants.

Ability to adhere to established standards for the quality of education.

Ability to maintain complete and accurate school records.

Knowledge of state and federal curriculum content related to all levels of EMS prehospital care providers.

Knowledge of adult learning theory and methodologies.

Skills in teaching and educational facilitation.

Ability to assess student performance and progress and provide appropriate feedback.

Ability to take responsibility for course planning, instruction, evaluation and coordination of EMS programs.

Ability to develop content and use a variety of teaching aids, including audio-visual material, training mannequins, teaching materials, and student handouts.

Knowledge and ability to plan and develop study programs to meet identified needs.

Ability to exercise leadership in a team environment.

Knowledge of the organization and functioning of PFA and external agencies related to assigned tasks.

Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Motivated and reliable.


Fort Bend County

Rosenberg, Texas

Provides emergency medical care to the citizens of Fort Bend County in accordance with established standards and procedures.

Provides emergency pre-hospital medical care. Complete reports within established deadlines. Maintains emergency vehicle (s) and inventory of medical supplies. Signs and is held responsible for the equipment delivered and used. Operates emergency vehicles (i.e. ambulance, squad) in accordance with department policy and in accordance with the law. Responsible for maintaining all current certifications as per department guidelines as required. Certifications must include EMT-Basic who has successfully completed the AEMT and is eligible for the test and is enrolled in an EMT Paramedic program, DSHS EMT-Advanced Certification who is enrolled in an EMT Paramedic program and a valid driver’s license from the ‘State of Texas. Prepares, submits and maintains clear, concise and accurate documentation of patient care activities, incident reports and other related information, upon request. Assists other employees in their tasks. Performs general housekeeping duties for resort and department areas. Participates in activities and duties related to emergency management during a local disaster state as directed by the appropriate county managers.


High school diploma / GED; Enrolled in a college pursuing paramedical certification and / or an EMS diploma. Certified or licensed by the State of Texas EMT-Basic or EMT-Advanced or is eligible to test for EMT-Advanced certification. Current CPR / AED healthcare provider card. Pre-hospital experience desired. Experience in a high performance ALS system beneficial. Strong verbal and written communication and organizational skills. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to deal effectively with the public and other employees. Frequent reading, writing, memorization, analysis, simple math skills, negotiation. Consistently use judgment, reasoning, decision making and teaching. Ability to carry out projects. Must obtain and maintain current certification from the American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Must complete National Incident Management System (NIMS) 100, 200, 700 and 800 within 90 days of hire. Must obtain paramedic diplomas within 24 months from date of hire. Subject to emergency call and mandatory staffing.

SALARY RANGE: PA / EMT-1, $ 2,008.28 – $ 2,365.30 bi-weekly depending on qualifications

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