Paving the way for employment for people with disabilities

BALTIMORE – In keeping with the National Disability Employment Awareness Month, WMAR-2 News highlights the Arc which paves the way for employment for those with different abilities.

Thousands of sweatshirts slide down that conveyor belt every day at United Souvenir and Apparel and David Rogers is there to fold and sort them for distribution.

“I fold the sweaters three times, the t-shirts I fold in six and the long-sleeved shirts I fold in six, the hoodies I fold in three,” he explained.

Since his debut in October 2019, he has found his place by becoming a key player in the United Souvenir Apparel team.

“If the jersey has an error, he will point it out. Alan stops the machine. It’s a place right there, I can’t even see the place but he sees the place so he’s watching me and Steve both at the same time and it’s pretty hard for one person to do ”, a said Alan Ingram, a screen printer at United Souvenir and Apparel.

David is an essential employee for the work he does every day and just as essential for those he works with as Ingram who has become David’s close friend.

“He talks to everyone, so even if you don’t feel like talking, he says, ‘Hi Alan, hi Steve and he’s telling everyone here,” Ingram explained.

“They are invaluable team members who will be with you for a long time, they are there every day with a smile and truly give more than you give them, the owner of United Souvenir and Apparel.

David began folding shirts through Arc training, the goal of which is to help people with different abilities find and keep jobs in Maryland, a job Katelynn Selchert has grown to love. .

“You know you are making a difference in someone’s life. You know you are helping them make a difference in their life and you are helping them grow and be successful and that makes you grow and be successful as well, ”Selchert said.

But she needs more teammates to expand their mission beyond the 90 people they currently support.

“We want to be able to provide more support and we can’t at the moment because we don’t have the capacity of the coaches to come in and support right now,” said James Phillips, senior director of human resources at the Arc.

The CRA is looking to expand its coaching team. Create a path to employment for more David.

“We are looking for someone who is professional, someone who has a strong work ethic. Knows how to train and communicate professionally and effectively so that we can help the people we support, ”said Phillips.

The CRA told WMAR that it plans to onboard 15 more coaches this year as well as nearly 100 new employees over the next six months.

The benefits of using Arc NCR include:

• Up to $ 1,100 in signing bonus

• Tuition reimbursement

• Flexible hours

• Flexible hours

• Flexible locations

• PAID on on-the-job training

• Educational opportunities

• Professional experience

• The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Applicants who are mission driven and eager to help individuals live meaningful lives are encouraged to apply. A variety of jobs are available, including community living, personal support and employment coaches.

For those interested in employment with the visit of the Arc

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