P&Q’s Must Reads: MBA Pay By Job Occupation: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

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I’m your host, Kristy Bleizeffer, and I’ll highlight the most important P&Q stories you may have missed. So let’s go.

#1: MBA Pay By Job: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

Last week, Jeff Schmitt went in-depth into how your geographic region shapes your salary. This week, he crunches the numbers again to see how your career path affects him.

Jeff looks at the average salary for some of the most popular industries for MBAs — think consulting, investment banking, or general management — then compares those numbers across the top 50 business schools. At which school do marketers on average have the highest base salary? What about health administration? Discover in MBA Pay Per Jobnow on our homepage.

#2: The future of the MBA is happening right now at Indiana Kelley

If you have researched MBA programs, you already know that the average cost of top residential programs in the United States now exceeds $200,000. Despite the prevalence of scholarships and other financing options, the reality of the debt burden involved is a major obstacle for many.

But this program deepened by P&Q editor-in-chief Marc Ethier presents another option: the Kelley Direct Online Program at Indiana University.

At just over $80,000, Kelley’s Online MBA is both elite and a bargain. You can learn more about the online leader in The future of the MBA is happening right now at Indiana Kelley.

No. 3: MBA, work to evacuate Afghans, aim to fulfill America’s promise to allies

In this story, we chat with six MBAs from some of the top business schools, working to evacuate thousands of Afghans and Iraqis to safety.

No One Left Behind is the leading nonprofit organization working to fulfill America’s promise to Iraqi and Afghan interpreters and others who have aided in the War on Terror. After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan last August, the group worked at lightning speed to professionalize the organization and meet the incredible challenge ahead.

“Many veterans of many business schools have worked with interpreters who are the primary beneficiaries of this program. Keeping our country’s moral obligation to them — as well as the pragmatic impacts it has on American foreign policy — I think is one of the defining issues for our generation of veterans,” the veterans told us. one of the MBAs.

You can read this inspiring story now, on our homepage.

#4: Our weekly roundup of news you can use

No matter where you are in your B-school journey, we bring you several helpful stories this week.

The first standing: Don’t miss these 5 tips for writing a killer MBA CV, with specific before and after examples. Or these tips for get the best MBA recommendations for your application.

Next: The 2022-2023 recruitment carousel is launched. And after two years of online recruiting for COVID, you’ll find many more in-person options. To help you, we have compiled the following MBA Admissions Events of the best programs in a handy list. You can find it in our admissions tab.

To finish: For international students considering US programs, the Admissionado team offers a wealth of helpful resources. These include Authorization for exceptional work, Achievable career plansand build your “personal board of directors.

And that’s it for this week’s must-read recap.

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