Proposed Superintendent Rejects Carson City School District’s Offer, Ends Hiring Negotiations | Carson City Nevada News

According to the Carson City School District, Dr. John Goldhardt, who was previously chosen by the school board after several interviews, rejected the contract job offer offered.

“After the school board meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Chairman Varner refined the terms of the superintendent’s proposal as directed by the board of trustees and extended the proposal to Dr. John Goldhardt,” the school district said in a statement released on Friday. . “Subsequently, Dr. Goldhardt rejected the proposal and withdrew as a candidate for superintendent of the Carson City School District.”

President Richard Varner intends to arrange the next steps for the superintendent search at a meeting in the near future, the school district continued.

After a school board meeting lasting more than three hours on Tuesday, the school board reached an agreement on the contract to send Dr. Goldhardt, after multiple discussions with the proposed superintendent that led to much confusion with the board.

Dr. Goldhardt requested a salary increase from what was offered, relocation costs and extended severance pay, among other demands.

Dr. Goldhardt also asked that the format of any evaluation of him and his work be decided by himself and the board.

After much discussion, the board chose to offer the original contract, prior to any discussion, which did not include any of Dr. Goldhardt’s demands.

This is a developing story. For more on the contract and Dr. Goldhardt’s claim, see our previous reports here.

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