Punjab school board lacks funds for salaries and pensions | Chandigarh News

MOHALI: The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is facing an acute financial crisis as it no longer has funds to pay the employee’s salaries and pensions. The wages for the month of June have still not been transferred to the employees’ accounts.
There are approximately 1,100 staff and 1,600 retirees on the board. President Yograj Sharma said: “We have raised the issue with the State government and I hope that will be fixed soon.
The main factors that got PSEB into this mess are either the income consumed by various scams or the board of directors awaiting debt clearance from the government of Punjab.
The state did not pay Rs 427 crore for books and student fees from listed castes. Even DPI (secondary) did not pay the rent to the tune of Rs 20 crore to PSEB. the council is to recover Rs 427 crore from the two state government departments against textbooks provided for free distribution to children.
The PSEB’s total spending per month is around Rs 15 crore and if the DPI office clears its debts, the board will be able to pay the salaries, said Parvinder Singh, president of the PSEB employees union.
The employees’ union says bad debt collections can make a major contribution to wages. The government owes the board of education around 427 crore rupees in the form of payment for textbooks or pending rent for the building used by various ministries.
In total, departments owe approximately Rs 20 crore to the board of directors as rent.

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