Rolebot raises $4.5M for smart sourcing of diverse, high-performing teams

The two-minute setup begins by plugging in two profiles of the top performers in this role. With this seed, the AI ​​builds a profile based on 100 publicly available data points across the web, including social media, conferences, blogs, certifications, and professional networking communities. The next day, the platform provides a list of candidates for thumbs-up/thumbs-down scoring, adjusting the results and giving you the best candidate for the job without bias. To ensure candidates have a positive experience, Rolebot’s Talent Success team (real humans) oversees the process.

Rolebot is perfect for confidential searches as the position is never advertised, allowing teams to build a pipeline of potential replacements before the change. Rolebot data shows that 1 in 5 interviews results in a job for most clients. Rolebot works best with skilled talent such as engineers, marketers, sales professionals, product and designers, accountants and financiers, HR managers, C-level executives and others people with a verifiable background.

Rolebot offers a 5-day free trial that often doubles a candidate pipeline within a week. Big brands rave about Rolebot’s ability to find smart candidates, integrate into the recruiting process, and address everything you hate about recruiting.

Supporting quotes:

  • Shane BernsteinRolebot CEO, “Working in the recruiting industry for 17 years, I saw that the barriers to hiring were the CV and the job description – neither of which are helpful. my own recruiting business was growing, I also found that hiring more recruiters was not scaling financially, instead we turned to technology and focused on factual data, and we saw that we could evolve and disrupt an otherwise antiquated industry.Rolebot is the product of this deep domain expertise and newly available AI models.
  • Jason Calacanis during launch and investor and Rolebot board member, “Recruiting talent has never been more difficult or more important, and Rolebot gives businesses a huge advantage in the war for talent.”
  • mike majors at Data Point Capital, Rolebot investor and board member, “Wars and pandemics, not to mention the ‘big quit’ can knock entire teams offline and hurt businesses. Smart candidate sourcing that crosses borders, respects cultures and breaking down affinity prejudices is the only solution to this global challenge.”
  • Salil Deshpande at Uncorrelated Ventures, Investor and Rolebot Board Member, “It’s amazing how well Rolebot presents the best candidates for your role, given just two LinkedIn profiles of ideal candidates. And then he can possibly contact and schedule meetings. meetings with interested candidates. That’s what my portfolio companies need.”
  • Redpoint Ventures- Atli Thorkelssontalent acquisition manager“Stop here, no need to go any further in the demo, I love it! Rolebot addresses everything we hate about the top-of-funnel recruiting process. We’re always looking for ways to be more “scalable” and Rolebot has been extremely impactful and fun to work with! It’s one of the best tools we’ve used in recent years and we’re big fans of it!”

About Rolebot

Rolebot, Inc. is an AI-powered job board for high-level passive talent. Rolebot’s AI finds the most promising talent ready for a new opportunity by creating an ideal lookalike of your best employees and providing an instant pipeline of candidates. The system ensures that a third of applicants are diverse and reverses the bias inherent in the traditional hiring system. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles.

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