Rosie Perez Reveals Tupac Once Helped Her Make a Guy Jealous

Rosie Perez shared a sweet story between her and Tupac Shakur. The actress and dancer attended “Watch What Happens Live” alongside her co-star Kaley Cuoco. The two were there to answer a few questions and promote their new series, “The Flight Attendant,” creating the perfect opportunity for Perez to address an iconic photo between her and Shakur.

On the show, Perez reminisced about some of his fondest memories with Shakur, including a photo showing the two holding hands at the 1993 Soultrain Music Awards. got out of the limo and he held my hand to make a guy jealous,” she said. “We weren’t together and everyone thought we were.” Perez explained that his date was canceled at the last minute. “The guy was supposed to come with me, then he called me the same day, an hour before I was supposed to get in the car, and said ‘I can’t go because then my girlfriend is going see me in front of the camera. with you.’ I said, ‘You are son of ab***h!’ she says.

Shakur accompanied her after he called her and heard her crying on the phone. “He’s like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ I was like, [crying]. He was like, ‘I’m on my way. F**k him! “”, Did she say. “She has the best stories,” Cuoco said. Asked who her date was, Perez smiled and said he was a rapper and the two remained friends.

Perez shared a variety of memories of Shakur, including the two touring together, cracking jokes and having fun. “It was the best moment. That’s when we knew we were going to be friends. I miss him.”

Rosie Perez has done press for “The Flight Attendant” and shares memories of her long and successful career. In an interview with Trevor Noah, she said she almost didn’t play the part because she hates flying. “When I first read it, I said, ‘That’s a weird show,'” Perez says. “And I declined because I don’t like to travel. I hate to fly,” said Perez. she said. Still, she was won over by Kaley Cuoco. “I was just playing cool. But the theft was really a problem,” Perez said. work. We both have a very strong work ethic and a great appreciation that we get to do this, that this is our job. It makes a huge difference. Plus, the begging was hilarious.

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