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Plans for an interim CEO for the Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation changed last month.

The current plan, since the last PAEDC meeting, is for outgoing CEO Floyd Batiste to act as a consultant to the organization for 15 hours each week while the board proceeds to select a new senior executive.

Batiste had previously submitted his resignation with his last working date set for September 30.

An initial plan was to bring in Ike Mills, who years ago held this position, as interim CEO, but the city of Port Arthur, which has final say on PAEDC matters, had yet to made a decision.

Council chairman Darrell Anderson informed council he had been contacted by the city attorney, who said Mills’ appointment was poorly made, which is why the city took no decision .

Leaving Batiste in this post, if only temporarily, was good news for John Chirafis, who resigned his post on the PAEDC board at the end of July.

Chirafis said he was happy to hear that Batiste will remain as a consultant as the search for a permanent replacement begins.

“Floyd is a great guy. He did it (PAEDC) what is it. A lot of people don’t know it, ”Chirafis said, adding that the PAEDC needs to be fueled by companies not manipulated by politics.

“I am still optimistic and that by my resignation and the resignation of the lawyer woke some people up to what was going on.”

The board members chose to ask staff to find four search companies to choose from, one of which will be responsible for carrying out the search for the new CEO.

Other recent actions taken by board members include the election of officers. For that, Christopher Smith was named vice president and Jerry LaBove was named secretary, Batiste said. Port Arthur Newsmedia.

The council also flattened the wording of the PAEDC employee handbook, but tabled the agenda item for further discussion with the city.

“Currently EDC’s bylaws say we are consistent with personnel policy, but there is a policy in the city’s personnel policy, which does not deal with a grievance policy,” Batiste said.

Batiste explained that the manual does not yet address the process if a person wishes to file a grievance against management or a supervisor.

“We will be adding a grievance policy that will provide a process and procedure if a staff member wishes to file a complaint against the manager or supervisor,” he said.

Another agenda item that needs further discussion is the job description of the CEO and Deputy Director. The reason, he explained, is that there is no longer a deputy director.

George Davis previously served as Deputy Director, learning the ropes of Batiste with the intention of taking on the CEO role at a later date.

But the post of deputy director was abolished with the approval of the 2021-22 budget. Batiste said Davis will move to another position on the Pleasure Island advisory board.

PAEDC’s board of directors is scheduled to meet on a Monday at 6 p.m.

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