Southwick hosts job fair amid report of weak job growth in Massachusetts

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Job growth is slowing in Massachusetts, according to the latest jobs report.

This is what we hear since the reopening of state, businesses need workers to meet customer demand. A familiar sight to many employers, career fairs are popping up in western Massachusetts. All with one goal in mind.

Amber Bach, member of the Southwick Economic Development Commission, said: “We just felt that there were a lot of businesses in need of help. We saw a lot of signs of seeking help, so we wanted to try and help them. “

In Southwick, the Economic Development Commission would normally hold a home-based business fair to promote their local businesses, but with so many industries affected by the pandemic, they decided to hold a career fair instead.

Bach added: “I noticed a lot of companies were doing limited opening days or limited opening hours, or just driving or things like that just because they didn’t have the employees. to cover.

Job growth in Massachusetts is showing signs of slowing. According to a state employment report, August saw only an increase of 2,600 jobs, which is significantly lower than July’s growth of 41,000 jobs. The state’s total unemployment rate rose in July. It was 4.9 percent and in August at 5 percent. This is slightly below the national rate of 5.2 percent.

Virginia Maldonado of A. Dorsey Construction and Remodeling said, “A lot of people have come home and have had a lot of time to think about how they want to renovate their homes, because of this high need. We’ve definitely had a lot of projects to work on, so we’re looking to fill a lot of roles. “

In August, 3.5 million Massachusetts residents were employed, 185,000 were unemployed. The hospitality industry saw some job growth last month, but education and health services lost 200 jobs.

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