Summer can be a time of adventure and learning

The children will soon be out of school for the summer holidays. The year has been long and very different from previous years. Families, schools and our entire nation have faced many obstacles. We survived, and that’s something to celebrate. We praise God for his faithfulness.

It’s time to forget the past and start from scratch, I always remember that “today is the first day of the rest of my life”. Let’s give it our best shot; we can make it fun, exciting and special.

I was praying and seeking direction from the Lord and He gave me these thoughts that I want to share with you.

Learning summer can be fun

Here are the ideas that came to mind, things that would make this summer a special family celebration time.

God loves children and families; he made us in his image to love us and work together.

Kids never stop learning, which means summer can be a tough time for parents and kids alike. If we prepare for it and make a plan, it can be exciting for everyone.

Part of the joy of an event is the anticipation of it; looking forward to the fun we will have and the things we can learn. How about creating a monthly calendar – colorful and filled with fun things to do? Not only fun, but also learning experiences including chores, work projects and a reward for good behavior.

First, we give each child and adult a few tasks to do each day with a behavior chart to make sure the family is fulfilling their responsibilities. It’s fun to check off when a chore is done.

keep it interesting

Be sure to plan a devotional time together to make God part of our day, either in the morning after breakfast, after dinner, or before bedtime. It is important that mom and dad are part of the plan. You can read a continuous story each day, ending each devotional with a prayer.

As you work out the calendar, plan an excursion every two or three weeks, such as a visit to the zoo, park or museum.

Be sure to check local churches for a vacation Bible school to attend. Most last five days. Children will enjoy songs, Bible stories, games, snacks and a fun craft. They will love making new friends and learning good character values.

How about a game night once a week or a fun movie to watch together?

Plan one day a week as a kitchen day to make cookies or a special dessert. Maybe plan a picnic and a fun afternoon at the park. Plan a project to help others. You can review your toys or clothes and donate toys you no longer play with or clothes that don’t fit or don’t wear to an organization that needs them.

Children will learn how important it is to consider the needs of others and try to help them when we can. God loves a cheerful giver and it says this throughout the Bible to help those in need.

You can plan a day at the beach in your backyard with an inexpensive wading pool or sprinkler from Walmart. Buy balloons, fill them with water and have a water fight. Put chairs in the yard with a few umbrellas to shade yourself from the sun and relax.

Oh yes, you would need a snack table with strawberry lemonade and cookies you made in the kitchen. I bet you could even build a pretty cool fort.

Play fun ball games. Children love crafts. The dollar store is a wonderful place to find craft supplies and it’s not expensive.

Time to make memories

These are all wonderful teachable moments; opportunities to develop good character, compassion and a good work ethic.

Even if you provide child care, this would be a great plan for the children in your care. It would be an exciting summer; a time to learn, laugh, love and share. I’m sure they would appreciate those special days. Every day could be an adventure.

Let’s get busy and make this summer special. Thanking God for watching over our children and keeping us all through these two years of fear and anxiety. Praise him for all his love and faithfulness.

Children are truly a gift from God and it is a joy filled blessing to love them and help them grow physically, more educated and spiritually into mature men and women of integrity, compassion, love and grateful hearts.

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