Taysom Hill eliminates turnovers in Jets win


Alvin Kamara’s presence gave the Saints’ offense the blow in the arm it desperately needed, as did Taysom Hill’s turnaround after a four-steal game a week ago against Dallas.

“I don’t want to overcomplicate what happened last week,” says Hill. “Every time you step on the pitch and prepare for a game, the goal is a non-spinning game.”

And as impressive as Hill’s decision-making is, knowing when to take risks and when to return the ball and run for valuable yards, so too is the fact that he’s still playing despite an injury.

The middle finger of his throwing hand is the most obvious. Hill didn’t use it as an excuse for a pair of fumbles and says, overall, what matters is being able enough to do your job.

“I think there’s a balance between being available for your team to play and being able to do whatever you need to do,” says Hill. “You are aware of these things all the time, and if I felt like it took you away or I wasn’t able to do everything I needed to do, I would have said something. But once you’re during a game, you can’t let your mind get distracted by other things. It’s something that when I’m on the pitch I don’t consciously think about my finger or my wrist or whatever. It’s time to go. “

And don’t forget the injury to the plantar fascia in his foot, something that doesn’t seem to physically hold him back, but persists.

“Look, this is something that I’m probably going to handle for the rest of the season,” Hill said. “It doesn’t seem normal, but it’s good enough. “

Hill continues to manage pain well all this time because in her profession it’s part of the job description.

“It’s football,” says Hill. “I’ve been doing this for a long time. If you can’t do that, it’s hard to play in this league. It’s just the reality. Everyone is dealing with something.

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