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New York, July 27. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The ninth edition World Ethics Dayan initiative of Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Businesswill be celebrated on October 19, 2022. The theme is “Ethics Empowered”.

In an increasingly polarized world, ethics can be used to improve our daily lives, strengthen communities and address some of society’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, the global refugee crisis, attacks on democracy, inequality, etc.

#GlobalEthicsDay, Carnegie Council invites citizens, businesses, professional organizations, schools, governments, and nonprofits around the world to demonstrate their commitment to using ethics as a force for good. Activities can include debates, panels, social media campaigns, exhibits, videos, pop-up events and more.

In 2021, more than 170 organizations and institutions from 45 countries took part in the international day of ethical action. Highlights from last year’s Global Ethics Day include:

  • Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Company engaging more than 2,000 employees in ethics-related activations, including public discussions organized by local offices;
  • The global non-profit organization The Nature Conservancy uses social media to discuss the importance of ethics with #GlobalEthicsDay;
  • PepsiCo launches a series of #GlobalEthicsDay videos featuring its executives discussing the importance of ethical standards in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry;
  • The International Council of Nurses launch a revised code of ethics in response to COVID-19; and
  • The Research Ethics Program at the University of California, San Diego hosting virtual events examining ethical issues in medicine.

“These are difficult times – war in Europe, refugees on the move, a lingering pandemic, worsening climate change and democracies teetering on the brink. As unillusioned realists, we believe that empowering the ethics can break the catastrophic cycle and help each of us find a way to take positive action in our daily lives,” said Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal. “World Ethics Day provides opportunities for listen, learn and contribute to a global dialogue on the values ​​and principles we hold dear in 2022. This year, we hope and anticipate that new voices will enrich World Ethics Day with ideas to strengthen ethics now and in the future.”

Those interested in participating in Global Ethics Day 2022 should visit the Carnegie Council’s website to access resources such as Key messagesa social media toolkitand suggestions for ways to participate in this year’s event. Organizations are encouraged to share plans for World Ethics Day with Carnegie Council for social media amplification (Twitter, LinkedIn, instagramand Facebook) and in World Ethics Day events and materials.

For the latest news on World Ethics Day, be sure to subscribe to the Carnegie Ethics Newsletter, which will contain additional announcements about special programming and Carnegie Council activations before October 19.

Join us and help us use the power of ethics to build a better future.

About the Carnegie Council
The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an independent, research-based, nonprofit organization that strives to strengthen ethics by identifying and addressing the most critical ethical issues of today and tomorrow. . Founded by Andrew Carnegie over a century ago, we set the global ethical agenda and work for an ethical future by convening conversations, producing materials in a range of media and sharing resources for education, impact and awareness. We are the global catalyst for ethical action. For more information, please visit and engage with us on YoutubeTwitter: @CarnegieCouncil, LinkedInInstagram: @Carnegie_Counciland Facebook.



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