The delta of records | Commission discusses property matters and announces new position

BUCKHANNON – Upshur County Commissioners are once again dealing with several real estate cases in the county. On Thursday morning, the commissioners discussed three property cases referred to them by the Upshur County Safe Structures and Sites Enforcement Council.

This Council for Safe Structures and Sites applied for an order on November 15, 2021 for file number 051321-01 (Meade Tax District – Tax Map 1 – Parcel Number 130) belonging to Mitchell W. Hyre and is considering adoption. the findings of the enforcement agency. According to Deputy County Administrator Tabatha Perry, the case began in May 2021. She added that the board had sent out a notice of investigation, a notice of required action, as well as two extensions. On December 3, 2021, Hyre was served and had until December 23 to request a hearing, during which he did not attend the hearing. Perry explained, according to the WV code, that the commission can therefore enter an order recommending the conclusions of the council, namely that the structure should be demolished and the property transferred, with a reasonable period of time. Commissioner Cutright brought forward a motion to notify Hyre by certified mail and give him 14 days before imposing a fine of $ 50 per day. After the 14 days, Hyre will be fined $ 50 per day.

The commission recently dealt with property case 011421-01 (Washington Tax district – Tax Map 7K-Parcel Number 55.3) belonging to Yancy Carr, in which a fine of $ 50 per day was applied. Since then the property has been bought by Carr’s neighbors Tom and Debbie Osburn. The Osburns explained that their plan for the property is to clean it up and tear it down. Commissioner Tenney recommended allowing enough time for the Osburns to clean up the property, as that was their purchase objective. Commissioner Cutright brought forward a motion to suspend the fine of $ 50 per day as they recently purchased the property and gave them a nine month extension. Commissioners brought forward a motion to allow the Osburns until September 30, 2022 to complete the cleanup.

The three commissioners expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the Osburns for investing in this property and helping the commission resolve this ongoing issue.

The Safe Structures and Sites Board also filed a request for an order, filed on December 16, 2021 for file 070821-02 (Banks Tax District – Tax Map 4 – Parcel Number 2). According to the council, owner David W. Bolyard Jr. has 20 days to request a hearing before the Upshur County commission.

The Commission is also posting an advertisement for the full-time post of facilities manager at Upshur County Recreation Park, which recently became a vacation post. This is a salaried position with fringe benefits. Applicants should have a high school diploma or equivalent, previous management experience, knowledge of pool operations and sports tournaments. The application, along with a full job description, can be viewed at the Commission office in the administrative annex or online at Applications must be received at their office no later than the close of business on Friday January 21, 2022.

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