The DGS has extended its occupation of sports venues to 50 percent

The Directorate General of Health has reviewed the recommendations for public attendance in sports stadiums and has decided to increase the occupancy rate of these places from 33 to 50% of the maximum capacity.

The DGS explains the decision on the basis of new data provided by the pandemic in recent weeks, in particular the excellent vaccination rate in Portugal.

Despite this expansion of public coverage in each of the sports venues, the General Directorate of Sports maintains reservations and extreme caution to be observed in all forms of presence linked to events of this nature.

“Thus, the reference capacity for the audience in single-seater seats is 50%, with the exception of the first row indicated in the previous graph”, we can read in point 16 of the guidance document unveiled by the DGD Thursday.

The body headed by Graça Freitas recalls that the face mask is still mandatory and urges people attending sports fields to pay particular attention to smokers. But not only, as evidenced by point 23.

“During the event, it is recommended that there is no place to eat or drink (except appropriate exceptions related to sanitary conditions). Water needs can be supplied when needed, provided that each person comes with their own container of liquid, for individual use. Sports field assistants should pay special attention to this behavior.

Read here The document which updates the rules for access to sports venues.

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